Someone Got a Facelift

Someone Got a Facelift

I felt like the place needed a bit of a facelift. Before I got back into putting out the massive backlog of reviews, I just felt like I absolutely had to make my small kingdom look a little more uniform. Then I found Fox+Hazel’s blog and fell in¬†l o v e. Seriously, her work is amazing, and the florals are courtesy¬†of her.


Aren’t they gorgeous?

The insanely frightening pile of reviews is coming I promise, I have them planned

(I super didn’t use this as a way of procrastinating. At least, I didn’t mean to…)

Plus, there will be a super exciting read-a-thon I’m joining, and I absolutely cannot wait for it to start. I’ve planned out my whole TBR for it, and there’s absolutely no way that I’ll read everything I’ve got planned. I WILL TRY THOUGH (but seriously, I am certain that the puppy will not let it happen but we’ll fight about it later).

I’m going to be playing with my review format too. I’ve spent entirely too much time stalking blogs and am feeling a bit self-conscious about my format now. Really there’s no better time to play with these things than now, right? Right, duh, of course.

What have you guys been up to lately? Let me know in the comments! I want to hear what’s going on in your life!

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