The Reading Quest Week 2 Update

The Reading Quest Week 2 Update

Finally, during week 2 of the Reading Quest, I made some progress!

(Check out week 1 if you missed it!)

I’ve knocked out so many more quests than I’d thought I would be able to. It’s so fun!

So let’s just get to the board, shall we?

The Reading Quest Board Update

Okay, so two of those are in progress. I’m working through Because You Love to Hate Me with twitter (you can join us! Just use the hashtag #ReadBYLTHM) and it is so good. And I just started The Fifth Season and I’m definitely hooked.

The Reading Quest Mage Card

And not to brag, I’ve leveled up so you could say I’m doing pretty alright here.

I’m seriously considering moving where Because You Love to Hate Me to the multiplayer square, but I haven’t just yet. I will if there’s any chance I can find/finish another book in the potions square, but there’s no guarantee.

I’ll Because You Love to Hate Me this week for sure, and hopefully also the Fifth Season. Then I’m going to try and work more on the main quest and do less of the side quests. Which maybe will happen. As long as I don’t get distracted…

How’s your week going? What are you reading right now?

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