TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Chapter 4

TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Chapter 4

So I’m finally back on the Stranger Things (and TV Tuesday) bandwagon and let me tell you, it’s been SO HARD to not binge all of this while packing/unpacking. Somehow I managed, though, and I’m quite proud of myself for it.

AND I’ve somehow managed to not have the whole thing spoiled, which is basically a miracle. Though everyone keeps telling me to “just finish the series” when I mention my hatred of Hopper. Apparently he redeems himself at some point, but I’m still not buying it.


Since I’ve already started in on him, let’s just keep going.

I do like the fact that he seems genuinely concerned for Joyce. Literally the only thing that he has done that doesn’t make me want to throw him in the quarry they found Will’s “body” in (more on that later). Makes me wonder what kind of a role they play in each others lives.

Clearly there’s something there, or there was at least, and the fact that they’re keeping it under wraps like they are makes me think that it probably has something to do with Hopper’s singleness, if not more than that.

Of course, after he shows one side that might not be entirely awful, he goes right back to being Chief Asshole. Why is it that guys like him always try and punch their way to what they want? I mean, that guy in the bar, who’s apparently with the state and was part of the group that claimed jurisdiction over Will’s body, was just sitting there.

I mean, the guy wasn’t even really being rude.┬áIt doesn’t really even seem like he knew anything about what happened, especially when you take into consideration how he reacted when Hopper mentioned that the state didn’t own the quarry.

If someone comes to you and tells you what you did wasn’t right because they know this thing about what you did that’s different than what you said would you just be like “Oh, yeah, they didn’t really tell me anything this is just what they told me to say if anyone asked.”? Nope, especially if they’re some kind of Shady Secret Government Agency. You’d get defensive and just try and get the other person to drop it.

Only when the other person is Hopper he tries to punch the answers out of you because he’s a Manly Man who does Manly Things.

Joyce and Jonathan

I really feel bad for Joyce at this point. She’s seeing all of these things that are clearly supernatural, and no one believes that she’s seeing any of these things but everyone does believe that she’s insane. And, to be fair, she might be a little insane. But that doesn’t mean that she’s not seeing these things.

Then Jonathan turns into a giant ass, too, and that was just entirely uncalled for. I mean, I get that they’re both grieving and grief shows itself in different ways, but for the love of god you don’t treat your mother like that in PUBLIC when everyone believes your brother’s DEAD BODY was just found.

Well, actually, you don’t treat your mother like that in public anyway. I get that he might believe she needs a bit of a wake up call, but seriously you just don’t do that. Like, just no.

I did get really nervous when she went and got that axe though. Because I did NOT see that ending well. Then again, she did rip a hole in her living room wall with it, so I wasn’t wrong, per se, just that’s not what I saw happening.

I don’t know how she didn’t realize that she was going to be tearing up her own house though. I mean, clearly the weird membrane thing was gone, and you know she saw that, so how she could have thought that tearing that hole in the wall would have ended up in her breaking through to the Alternate Dimension that Will is in I don’t know.

The Body

Okay okay fine, it’s time to talk about the body-that-isn’t. So as we find out from Chief Asshole after he punches his way into the morgue, the body is really a super fancy Will doll that, for some reason, is made of silicone AND stuffed with cotton like a damn pillow. I guess to make it be about the weight of a child? I don’t know.

At least it’s more proof that Joyce isn’t entirely crazy. She threw that fit when they had her in to see the body and said that it’s not Will, and it wasn’t Will.

But, like, why did they go so far as to make that kind of doll for a kid like that? It’s clearly something that was NOT cheap, but why do it? Just to make people stop asking questions? Because that very clearly isn’t working. I wonder if they’ve done this in other places and had it work? It definitely seems like they’ve got a plan in place for this kind of thing. How else would they have gotten that doll made so quickly?

But, also, they did get it pretty quickly…makes me wonder if they knew they were gonna get Will before they got him, and had the doll started before any of this even happened.

The Kids

Getting away from the doll for a minute, can I just say that the scene where the boys try and make Eleven look like a girl is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a very long time? Because that is ADORABLE. With Mike trying to do the makeup thing, and Lucas and Dustin finding the dress and the wig and just. It’s so cute I think I got a cavity.

I was frustrated with Lucas still at the beginning, being such a naysayer when it comes to Eleven, but at the end it seems like he kind of got on board by the end of this episode. Which is good because that means I can stop wanting to hit him, and can focus that energy on Nancy and Hopper.

I think it’s cool, too, that Eleven can find will on the radio. Even though it clearly takes something out of her, and that wasn’t obvious the first time. Something was different the second time, when she found him at the school.

Mike’s Family and Everyone Else

I don’t have all that much to say about everyone else, but I just wanted to say that Mike’s parents are pretty much terrible. I mean, they seem entirely unconcerned that one of their son’s friends is DEAD (or at least that’s what everyone believes), a kid that’s the same age as their own son. They have no emotions about it. They’re not worried about Mike, they just don’t CARE.

I would think that it’s just a more current thing to be worried in a situation like that, but I’ve watched way too many shows and read too many books about kids that have disappeared/been kidnapped/been murdered and the communities that this happens in FREAK. THE. FUCK. OUT. Their kids are put on lockdown basically, no one trusts anyone, just everything goes to hell. Mike’s parents do N O T H I N G.

Nancy keeps being a bitch, and just makes herself look like an idiot. She decides that she has to put the entire picture that got ripped up back together just to see the figure that was 98% whole in one of the perfect little squares it got torn into? Who does that? There wasn’t anything on any of the other squares that would make you think that there’s something there to be found, so why put the whole thing back together instead of those two pieces?

She’s just dumb and I don’t like her.


  • Steve gets his assholeness from his father, which does not surprise me.
  • Secret Government Agency has made this whole thing happen and has no idea what they’re doing, as evidenced by the fact that they send a guy into the Alternate Dimension and are surprised when he gets got.
  • I’m pretty sure Hopper using his daughter as a means of getting information isn’t going to turn out well. It just never really does. And you can’t use people like that (even if they’re dead).


And that’s all I’ve got for this week. What do you think about this episode? If you’ve watched the whole thing, what am I wrong about? Lets talk!

Thank you so much for commenting! I love talking to you, and reading comments makes my day. I read them all, and I will try and respond as promptly as I can, but we all know life happens sometimes.