Surprise Blogging Break – Where I’ve Been

Surprise Blogging Break – Where I’ve Been

Hey guys.

So as you might (not) have noticed, I’ve taken a wee break from my little internet kingdom, and let me tell you it wasn’t all out of laziness.

(Some of it might have been, but mostly not.)

October was a little strange for me. I started out feeling a little under the weather, with all the new fall allergies rolling in and everything. And that’s all fine and good, and I got through it.

And then.


We got a call from our apartment complex three weeks ago asking us when we were going to be turning in our keys. Because apparently they were expecting that? We had no idea what they were talking about.

Turns out, they decided to do a non-renewal on our lease, and somehow failed to notify us that we needed to be out at all, much less by a certain date. As you can imagine, this was a wonderful experience, and not stressful in the least.


It actually turned out well, because we got them to give us a really good deal on a bigger place that had been entirely remodeled and just was nicer than the place we were in. Still though, we had to pack and move all of our stuff within a week.

Which, if you’ve been lucky enough not to experience this, IS ALL KINDS OF HELL.

We still haven’t finished unpacking everything. Mostly because I got sick.


This time, though, it’s an entirely bullshit reason. I’m thinking that the stress of this whole situation (I don’t know if that can even cause this, but science also doesn’t really know what causes this so this is what I’ve decided did this to me) I got vertigo. For no reason. Just sitting on the couch, entirely still, I’d get dizzy or motion sick.

Sounds fun, right??

But I’m back now! I’ve got a bit of a backlog on book reviews, which is good because I’ve not had a whole lot of time to read lately (and I don’t know where my current read is at the moment), and I NEED to finish Stranger Things because I just really want to.

I’ve also decided to do NaNoWriMo this year because apparently I like to make things complicated for myself. But I’m loving my story idea, and am really curious to see how far I can get this year. I kind of tried last year, and didn’t get very far, but I also didn’t really make it a priority, and I think I’d gotten too in-my-head with the story I was working on. This time, I’ve got a new idea and I’ve actually made it a priority, so I’ve already got a better chance of making a dent in this challenge.

(And now I’ve told the internet I’m doing it so now I have to finish. If you’re also doing NaNo, we can be buddies! I’m Lizabeth648 over on the NaNo site. I’d love some writing buddies!)

What about you?

What did your October throw at you? Anything fun?

What do you have going on in November? Who else is beyond excited for Gilmore Girls??

Are you doing NaNo?


2 thoughts on “Surprise Blogging Break – Where I’ve Been

  1. So, I’ve totally had something like this happen. About two years ago our apartment complex was being bought and we knew our lease wasn’t going to renew when it expired in September… Then July 1st we got a notice that the buy out was happening quicker than expected and we had to be out by the end of the month. Long story short, we moved into a new apartment July 4th. Yeah, found, rented, packed and moved in 3 days. Exhausted didn’t cover it. So I feel for you!!

    I’m doing Nanowrimo too – will look you up! Good luck!

    1. OMG I can’t imagine doing it in three DAYS! That sounds like the absolute worst. I’m just glad we didn’t have to look – we guilted them into giving us a major deal on a bigger place in the same complex.

      Yay NaNo buddies!! I think my candy-every-500-words motivator is helping a lot. Any excuse for some chocolate!

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