TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Edition Chapter 1

TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Edition Chapter 1

So I finally jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon, and let me tell you it’s perfect for the TV Tuesday series. Seriously, this show has so much potential.

I’m going to be doing this one episode at a time, because I don’t want to spoil it for all those who have yet to watch it (like, all ten of you). I think everyone has watched this, but I’ve also gotten the impression that people are watching it over. It’s going to be so hard not to just binge watch it and forget what happens in which particular episode, but I’m going to try.

The Show Itself

I love the atmosphere that they created. From the Star Wars inspired poster to the feel of the town, it’s all just wonderfully done. It definitely seems like a place like that exists somewhere. The neighborhood is believable, the characters are believable, and you just get that small town feeling.

Not the Gilmore Girls small town feeling, because that’s much more welcoming. This one seems like it’s more…unforgiving. Not just because you know that there’s monsters and disappearances and stuff. There’s something else, ingrained deeper in this town, that makes you feel like you should tread very carefully.

It’s also beautifully shot. The quality is so good you guys! I think the only Netflix Originals I’ve seen are Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and parts of Daredevil. And, I’m not gonna lie, I got super bored with OitNB. I don’t think I made it to the second season, to be honest.

House of Cards is good, but I think it’s really hard to make Kevin Spacey be bad. I still didn’t finish that series though (I want to). It just gets so intense it’s hard to binge watch it. Which really kind of bodes well for this series, because it needs that tension and that suspense.

I didn’t really watch Daredevil myself, but my boyfriend did, so I saw parts of it. It seems really well done for what it is (I don’t have very high quality standards for super hero stuff).

And no, I haven’t watched the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt because I just do not care. I wanted to. So many people have told me I should. But I just DO NOT.

I got off there, but the heart of all of this is that I’m excited to see where they take this. It seems like it’s going to be the ride that everyone promises it is.

The Characters

These kids are all adorable. They’re just cute, and I don’t know that they’ll survive being in this kind of a world with monsters and kill-y things. I sure hope they do though.

That being said, most of the characters are dicks.

Nancy? Uber bitch. I mean, sure, I get that there’s a certain older sister dynamic they’re trying to hit with her, but really she’s just too mean. I want to like her (she’s gorgeous, and usually you want to like pretty people) but I just want to slap her.

Plus her boyfriend Steve seems super rapey and I’m just waiting on that to blow up.

Mike’s parents, especially his dad, seem useless. I mean, the man just is basically checking in on his family, he’s not really participating. He just seems really absent and not very into the being a dad thing. His mom might be a little overprotective, especially as there’s no evidence of foul play (at this point) with Will’s disappearance. Why not let your kids go hang out with people or even look for the kid? Your son is one of Will’s best friends, why not let him help find his friend? It just seems a little much to me, but it is set in a different time so it might just be that.

Then there’s the Jack Nicholson wannabe Hopper, Chief Asshole of Hawkins. That intro for him makes him look like a cheap Jack Nicholson, and he just is enough of an ass that it seems like he’s channeling him. Which might not be a bad thing (Nicholson is a great actor) but it’s definitely not good because Hopper is the worst.

And I’m pretty sure that’s not prescription Tylenol he’s washing down with his day old beer. Which, may I just say, is disgusting.

However, I do like that they dropped a huge reveal about his character into a tiny little line that seems super inconspicuous. Where the other search party volunteer tells the science teacher about Hopper’s daughter. It makes a lot of Hopper make more sense, with the drinking and the drugs and the laying around thing that he does in his introduction. Just, I feel like he could still be less of an asshole to the kids who (I’m guessing here) are around the same age as his little girl. Or are maybe an age that his little girl was. So he knows how to talk to them.

I’m very curious about Eleven and how she came from the monster. If that’s what happened. It’s at least what they made seem like happened, and I just really want to know.

And Benny! I really liked Benny. Then I learned how this show is going to go, because they instantly kill off one of the only characters that seems like a nice person. So now I’m doubly worried for these kids.


So I don’t have any theories as of this first episode, but I do think that I’ll be having some guesses as to what’s going to happen as the show goes on. I have a bad habit of trying to think ahead and ruin all the things that could happen. Here’s hoping I’m wrong about whatever I try and guess!


Have you watched this show yet? What do you think of the first episode? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I haven’t even heard of this show, let alone watched it! But you have definitely made me curious 🙂 Ill look forward to seeing for how it progresses for you.

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