TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Chapter 3

TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Chapter 3

So with Chapter 3 of Stranger Things I’m developing some theories finally! This show just keeps getting better and better. I mean, the soundtrack alone is just magnificent, and that’s only one  part of it. Honestly, I can really see what the hype is about now and I have to say that it is very well deserved.

There are so many things that happen in this episode but it doesn’t feel like too much.

***Spoilers below, obviously, so just watch out! ***

In this episode, something awful happens to Barb in some kind of alternate universe, Will’s body is found, Joyce goes absolutely batshit, and Nancy turns into an even worse human. Along with other things, of course.


Still not liking this chick at all. There are just so many reasons NOT to that it’s really hard to find reasons to actually think that she’s a decent person. I mean the few minutes in which she’s not being a bitch are so rare that it all seems fake as hell and you just can’t believe she’s sincere.

To recap, last episode:

  •  Nancy dragged Barb to a party that Barb did not want to go to
  • Lied to her parents about where she would be (after a child disappeared, which would mean that she’s got a chance of disappearing as well)
  • Was rude to Barb for doing what Nancy asked her to be there to do (which was to try and stop Nancy from being a drunken idiot)
  • Told Barb to go home so Nancy could be the biggest drunken idiot

Now here we are, she’s successfully slept with Steve the Sleazebag, and now she’s surprised when Barb isn’t there once she’s done. Like, number one, you told her to go home? But you’re surprised she’s not there after your conquest? And number two, I can’t believe that even the best friend in the world would stay outside, in the cold, waiting for their best friend to get done fucking some guy that’s a total dick.

Just, no one would do that. And, really, no one should be expected to.

Especially when that friend was asked to come along to STOP THEIR FRIEND BEFORE THEY DID THAT.

I just cannot fathom what is going through this girls head. Like, I want to slap her so hard and I’ve not wanted to physically hurt a fictional character this badly since Delores Jane Umbridge. This is that bad.

I really wanted Steve to not talk to Nancy the next day because as shitty as that is (and it’s totally something Steve would do btw) it’s exactly what Nancy would have deserved.

Also, something’s going down between Nancy and Jonathan the Creep, and it has been for a while. There’s something in the past there that’s going to come to a head soon I can feel it.

The Kids

I kind of feel bad dumping them together all the time, but really they’re not ever on their own for any extended period so it feels kind of safe.

Honestly, Lucas is turning into kind of an ass about the whole thing. I mean, I know his friend just disappeared and some strange girl shows up at the same time who is other friend is kind of fawning over. Really, I think there’s a healthy dose of skepticism that this situation calls for. But he’s just being overly negative about everything.

Also, I fucking love that Dustin brings a backpack full of snacks when they’re strategizing about how to kill the demigorgon. That is perfect and he is a little angel for that.

I like that the scene where Eleven is put in the cell is kind of revisited. We see some more of her powers here, and it repeats the scene so closely that I thought for a minute that they were showing what happened before she got stuck in the cell last time.

Not so, but I think that’s the point that they were trying to make. She didn’t have those powers to start with, so either she came into them because they were there the whole time and she’s learning about them now, or she was given them.

Really, I think it might be that she was given the powers by the Super Secret Government Agency. I like that idea more, because it just makes that Agency seem more sinister. Dustin super called it, too, and that’s great. I can’t wait to see more about what she knows and what she can do. Clearly she’s still got a moral compass of some sort, and it almost seems like they were trying to turn that off in her.

At least, that’s what I got from the scene where they wanted her to crush the cat and then the one guy got super pissed that she wouldn’t and had her carted off to the cell. I’m not convinced that it’s her real father, though, because really it would take the worst kind of sociopath to do that to their own kid and watch.

Jonathan and Joyce

This kid. I swear, he’s got a Nancy shrine somewhere in his room. I’m thinking in his closet, a la Helga Pataki in Hey Arnold.

I kind of wanted him to get got by the monster when he was being a creeper in the woods. Joyce needs him, though, obviously because she’s lost every single one of her marbles, but I just could do without him there.

Joyce is absolutely batshit crazy now. It’s scary really. I mean, there’s reason for it, because obviously something is communicating through the lights, but really no one sane has these experiences. And she looks like she hasn’t showered in weeks.

I know, I know, I’m being insensitive, but really it feels like the “Joyce is insane” point is being driven home so hard. Almost like you’re not supposed to have any other thoughts about it. Maybe it’s putting you in the shoes of the other Hawkins residents, who I think all see her as crazy. Either way, she’s nuts, and I don’t know if I should be scared for her or really how to feel about her.

Hopper aka Chief Asshole

Still hate this guy. I know he’s damaged, but that doesn’t mean I like him.

That moment when he talks his way into the Secret Government Agency’s Magic Lab is impressive, but also kind of made me think sociopath. He doesn’t seem to do anything unless it benefits him in some way.

I definitely don’t buy that he’s some kind of ladies man though. Just I do not. He looks like an ass, acts like an ass, and is all around unlikeable and I don’t buy that he sleeps around like that and women would be mad that he didn’t call them back (looking at you, librarian lady).

Barb and Will: A Theory

Getting to the good stuff now.

So clearly, Barb was taken to an alternate universe. An alternate earth, that’s exactly the same in every way, just dead and winter all the time with tentacle monster things clinging to everything.

That pool she was in looked (to me at least) just like Steve’s pool. Like the monster showed up, decided “Yup, I’ll take this one thank you” and popped Barb over in to the alternate universe Steve’s pool and had a snack.

Or something. Really, it’s hard to guess what happened to Barb, and I really don’t think that the monster ate her. Maybe more possessed her or something.

Whatever we end up finding out happened to her, I think she’s still alive in some way for one very important reason.

Does anyone else think that it’s a coincidence that Will is returned right after Barb disappears?

I don’t. I think the monster can only have one child/person from Hawkins (I’m limiting it for now because it doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere else) at a time. So it had Will first, and then when it took Barb it gave Will back.

Well, it gave Will’s body back.

I also think that the monster came out of the Secret Government Agency’s Magic Lab, and I’m not sure that they’re doing much to get it back. I mean, they want to find it, but I think they just want to see it in it’s “natural habitat” or something.

Does any of this make sense? Because I feel like it does but also like it doesn’t at the same time and I am just not SURE.

Not bingeing this is going to be so hard omg.

In case you missed them, here’s chapter one and chapter two of the Stranger Things series.

What are your theories so far? What do you think of mine? Lets talk because I really need to talk to someone about this and I’m scared to go into the internet before I finish the series.

Thank you so much for commenting! I love talking to you, and reading comments makes my day. I read them all, and I will try and respond as promptly as I can, but we all know life happens sometimes.