TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Chapter 2

TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Chapter 2

Getting to the second episode of Stranger Things, and I still LOVE IT.

Last time I talked a lot about what I kind of hoped for the show, and what I liked about it. None of that’s really changed. I still don’t have any IDEA where this is going.

Pretty much the only thing that has happened is that I’ve got more opinions on the characters. So I’m going to talk about them for a minute/while.


So basically I hate this bitch.

I wanted to like her. I’m still trying to like her. It’s just getting REALLY DIFFICULT because she’s so AWFUL.

She’s a shit to her brother and parents, she’s a bitch to Barb. She’s only sort of nice to Jonathan, and really I don’t even know what that’s about because she’s got no interest in him. Clearly they’re not friends (which is good considering how she treats her friends), and she’s not interested in him like she is in Steve.

Honestly, I think she’s just trying to make her image better. It almost seems like she wants to be like Steve and his crowd, the typical bitchy popular crowd, but not. She keeps Barb around, but she treats her awfully. Then she pulls the whole “I’m going to go talk to Jonathan while these guys who I want to impress are trashing him because I don’t want to impress them that badly.”

I’m not buying it.

Especially not after she takes Barb to Steve’s for a specific reason (keep Nancy from being a drunk asshole), and then blows Barb off when she tries to do the thing Nancy BROUGHT HER THERE TO DO.


This bitch.


Poor Barb just goes with all the things Shitty Nancy does like it’s no big deal. But really? It is.

Honestly, I think she should have just said no to Nancy when the whole party thing came up. I know that there’s history between the girls that we don’t know about yet. You can just tell. It just feels like we should know some of what it is before we just accept that Barb will tag along for this shit.

Probably that’s going to come out in the next couple of episodes because Barb gets monstered while Nancy is inside being a total B I T C H.

The Kids

These guys are all in the same boat for me. I like that they’re brave and determined enough to go looking for their friend. I also think they’re a little stupid for it, but it seems like they think the same thing so it’s not a problem.

Then when they find Eleven and they all help hide her it’s just so cute. And, can I just say, of course she knows Will. Because, I mean, just come on. She turns up mysteriously and he disappears mysteriously and just of course she knows him.

I think, too, that she knows where and how to find him, she just doesn’t have the words for it yet. Though I’m still not sure how she lost the ability to speak. They show her being taken into the tiny closet-cell, and she can talk then. Clearly, when she gets out, not that much time has passed. So why can’t she talk?

Also, I’m super scared for Mike because I don’t want him to die and he’s just so sweet I feel like he’s going to. I already have trust issues with this show and I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that.

Hopper (aka Chief Asshole)

Still don’t like this guy. I mean, sure, I feel bad because he lost his kid and all, but I still don’t like him.

I want to know what the history between Joyce and Chief Asshole. Clearly they’ve had ~relations~ but to what extent? Is that why Joyce is not married? Is Chief married? (I have a strong feeling that the lady-friend we see him with isn’t a wife.)

I don’t trust this guy. He’s clearly good at his job, especially having been trained in a city, and that’s all well and good, but there’s something. Something just screams not to trust him with everything, because I just feel like the truth is something that he has a hard time with.

Benny (and the Mysterious Government Agency)

I’m still sad about Benny. He was just nice and he didn’t have to be and now he’s dead.

That agency though. They staged him real good. And they search Joyce’s house, and what are they doing? Did they make the monster? I’m pretty sure this is all their fault, I just don’t have any proof as of yet.

But I believe.


Alright, I get it. He’s stressed, his brother is missing, his mom’s a basket case, his dad’s an absolute dick.





This just took him down so many notches. From the first I felt bad for him because of the reasons above, but seriouslyThis is what you do?

And, like, he doesn’t even leave when they all (except Barb, who has a date with the monster) go inside. He KEEPS TAKING PICTURES OF NANCY UNDRESSING THROUGH THE WINDOW.

This kid has more problems than I thought. Because Jesus Christ, even if you have a crush on someone, everyone knows you don’t hang out in the woods by where they are and take pictures of them. You just do not.

Unless you’re Jonathan, in which case you absolutely do. I can’t even think of a reason why but I bet he could.

I think this is all I have now

I just. I had a lot of thoughts about the characters, but nothing new and groundbreaking about the plot happened so far. Except for the calls from Will that make Joyce’s phones explode. Other than that, which really isn’t anything, there’s still nothing.

But I’m excited and definitely curious.

What did you think of this episode? Which character is your favorite so far? I think it’s Mike for me. He’s just so adorable!

2 thoughts on “TV Tuesday – Stranger Things Chapter 2

  1. Yes to the whole Nancy bit. Shes just your typical girly teenager that wants to be cool but is too coward to leave barb completely out of it and sort of hovers in between groups. I lived Barb’s life through junior high/high school. I hated every bit.

    #justiceforbarb she deserves so much more.

    No explanation for Jonathan. He’s a creep. A creep with a heart of gold, but still a creep.

    I learned to love chief Hopper. He’s not my favourite. He’s hard to love. But I learned to love him in the end.

    1. I’ve been getting the feeling that my mind will be changed about Hopper. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s seen the show gives that “Just watch it” when I talk about how much he sucks, so. I kind of don’t want it to change. The contrary part of me wants to stay firmly in the I Hate Hopper camp.

      Jonathan freaked me out SO MUCH in this one! Like, seriously??? Pictures in the woods? NO THANK YOU PLEASE.

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