Book Review: Empire of Storms

Book Review: Empire of Storms

I cannot tell you how dead I am after finishing Empire of Storms. I can’t. Because the dead can’t talk and I am d e a d.

I loved this book so much. There was so much hype about it, and to be honest, it was my most anticipated book of this year I think. Sarah J. Maas (as I have reiterated in my last two reviews) is a treasure, and I just love this series. I’ve made so many people read it so that I have people to talk about everything with.

I was a little worried, though. I wasn’t sure if there would be any chance of this book living up to my expectations. Because my expectations were super high. Of course SJM rose to the occasion, though.

So I got the beautiful fanart edition from Barnes and Noble, and I really thought that there wouldn’t be enough story. This edition has thinner pages, and it looks much smaller than it is, but it’s a compact gut punch dressed up in pretty paper.

I constantly am surprised by this series and where SJM takes it. She sets you up to have thoughts and feelings about the story going one way, but then. Then she just giggles mischievously while shredding everything you thought with a very sharp dagger. Maybe some throwing knives.


I’m going to try and not spoil things, but there will be spoilers for the rest of the series here.


Aelin has grown so much from the beginning of the series. She’s come into her own in so many ways, she’s just taken control of her life. She plans for every possibility, and prepares those around her as best she can for what’s to come.

The trust issues though. They’re what kill me. She just can’t do the trust thing. I think she tries, and sometimes she can make it work, but not for the most part. There’s a part of me that thinks that she just loves springing things on her friends, because who doesn’t have fun with that? But really, I think she needs to start trusting more.

We get to see more of Rowan’s cadre as well, and that made me really happy. There’s so much talk about them in the other books, but they’re not really ever together. Now though we get to kind of see how they work and it’s wonderful! I just want to hug them all.

You can just feel the love in this book, from SJM and from the characters. Aelin’s whole court has just been put through the ringer, and yet they’re there for each other in all of the ways that they can be. None of them lets the others suffer without offering some kind of assistance.

Of course, seeing Aelin figure out how to trust others is hard. She’s still got that “I have to do it all myself” thing going on, and there’s just a lot of things that I think she needs to share. She needs to let people help her, and she needs to stop putting so much on her own shoulders.

I just…I love the direction that this series has gone in. I never would have thought that it would get to anywhere good after the first book. I was less than impressed with that first one, but I am SO GLAD I kept reading!! This has become one of my favorite series, and I’ve made so many people read it so that I’ll be able to talk about it and how great it is all the time. I can’t wait to see what Sarah J. Maas has for us next in this series because it’s seriously good.

The B&N Special Edition

Can we talk about these ENDPAGES for a minute? Because OMG.

Empire of Storms Endpages

Aelin and Manon are just FLAWLESS. The boys are on the other set, but I don’t have as good of a picture of them. The exclusive story was just adorable as well! I was so in love with this book as a physical object, and I think the art is a huge part of that.

All in All

READ IT. THE WHOLE SERIES (if you haven’t already). NOW. And then we’ll talk!


Have you read it already? DO YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT BECAUSE I DO. Just be careful in the comments and try not to spoil it too badly. (Message me on one of the social media accounts linked in the sidebar and we can talk SPOILERS and THINGS<3)

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  1. Gah! I have to get back to this series. The last one I read (and I loved it!) was Heir of Fire. I just got behind somehow. Glad to hear it’s still awesome!

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