TV Tuesday Volume 6 and the rant against Jess

TV Tuesday Volume 6 and the rant against Jess

So WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE for the new mini-movies! November 25th is looking a lot shinier from where I’m sitting. In addition to being ever grateful that I won’t have to deal with the retail side of Black Friday, I can also emerge from my food coma in peace while bingeing the new movies.



On to the actual post.

I’m going to start with my biggest complaint about this whole season.


I hate him. So much.

I think this might be the only thing in which I am in full agreement with Lorelai.


And he’s the WORST boyfriend. I think that my favorite episode of the entire season is the one where it’s basically “Jess is the worst boyfriend and here’s 234514 reason’s why” with the hockey game and the Jess not calling. I wish Rory would have stuck with the mood she was in when she left the message for Jess. Or that he listened to it and actually fucking got better as a boyfriend or got lost.

Then there’s the way that their relationship ends. With him basically getting mad at Rory for not wanting to have sex with him in Kyle’s bedroom, and then REFUSING TO TALK TO HER after he gets in a fight with Dean. The fight, of course, we all saw coming because it’s been a constant assumption that Jess has been in a fight with Dean. This fight was much better than I could have hoped for though. It was just WONDERFUL. And then Jess just leaves. Poof. Gone. Good riddance, I say, because he’s just.

He wasn’t good for Rory. I mean, I know that at some point, we all fall for someone that we really probably shouldn’t and all that, but he was just the worst. Like I said last time, a few good deeds (or just being nice to one person because you want to date them) does not a good person make.

It’s insane that people on the internet give Dean shit for being protective and territorial, but Jess is arguably worse with those things and I haven’t heard one word of shit against him. Not for this at least. He gets SO angry when Rory so much as walks by a building that Dean might have been at one point.

When Rory runs into Dean and Clara at the winter carnival, it really puts her in an awkward position. Jess automatically assumes that she was planning on meeting Dean there which isn’t okay with him, and Dean probably was planning on meeting Rory there because her being with Jess isn’t okay with him. And he basically says that he’s trying to get her back to Jess, so obviously that’s going to come to a head.

Rory, though, is entirely unaware that this is happening. She thinks that both boys are fine with the situation as is and just has no CLUE that they’re having a low-key brawl right under her nose. She also doesn’t seem to realize that the only reason Jess is going to this thing is because Dean is also there.

Also, can I just say that I’m SO HAPPY we didn’t get that Jess spin-off show? Because I am. I really am. He’s such a one dimensional character that it would just be pretty awful. He doesn’t change, ever. Really all that could happen to him would be that he would screw up and Jimmy would probably bail him out. Or Sasha would. Then he’d do it again and again and one day realize “Hey maybe I shouldn’t do these things” and write some shitty little book and then BAM he’s a new person.



So we all know that Lorelai bugs me by now. If you don’t, go back and read through the rest of this series and you might have an idea.

I do like the way that this season starts, though, with the dream Lorelai has about Luke and her being married. It’s cute, and really it’s something everyone knows will happen at some point. Give or take a set of twins.

I do feel bad for her, though, during that alumni lunch they do. Because, really, that whole family is made out of Barbie dolls, and I’m not convinced that even the Kennedy’s did that whole quiz thing at meals. It’s just dumb. And then, of course, there’s the stereotypical “other daughter” putting a blight on the family’s perfect facade, and they are all so judgy of her, and by being judgy of her they’re being judgy of Lorelai. It’s all just awful and fake and I just don’t like it.

I also felt bad for her at the school thing. (Okay, so there was a lot of empathy for Lorelai in this season.) I mean, the moms start out so happy about Lorelai agreeing to give the talk and it’s wonderful. Then their kids start asking questions, and somehow it’s Lorelai’s fault that they ask them. It’s a beautiful example of small town mentality, and that small-mindedness that comes with it.

Then there’s the baby shower, which is also supremely awkward. Man, this is just the season for Lorelai being thrown into weird situations, and it STILL doesn’t really make me like her. The devil-egging of Jess’s car is great though.

And then Max comes back, and I start disliking her again. I mean, she tries to pretend with EVERYONE that she wasn’t awful to him and she was literally the WORST. Poor Max, he tries to be professional with her, and he really doesn’t seem to want to get back into it, but he’s being nice to her in spite of how awful she was. THEN THEY START KISSING AGAIN and Loreali seems to want the relationship to start back up again and everyone’s like “NO DON’T” and she doesn’t get it. Not until Max basically kicks her out of his life for good does she realize that maybe she was really that terrible to him.

Her anger about the whole Rory applying to other schools thing is entirely unbelievable. I’ve done the whole college thing, and even without looking at applying to Ivy League schools the application fees are INSANE. There’s no WAY that Lorelai didn’t know that Rory was applying to other places, because unless Rory is a secret millionaire, Lorelai was shelling out probably hundreds of dollars for those fees. Of course, then she does a complete 180 when Rory gets her acceptance letters because she hasn’t been vehemently against Yale at all and just wants Rory to go where she wants. She’s just so understanding and mature and quite able to put aside her personal feelings.


Okay, so I don’t know exactly why, but I LOVE Rory’s hair in this season. It always just seems to fall perfectly and the length is good and the layers and it’s just F L A W L E S S.


Yet again, there’s someone that assumes Rory can’t actually use the brain that she has, that everyone seems to agree is working fine. Chris is so mad that Lorelai is not letting Rory talk to him, and even after Rory says that she’s the one who doesn’t want to talk to him, he still doesn’t believe it. Like he hasn’t been praising her intelligence since he stepped on the scene. UNTIL NOW WHEN SHE CAN’T DECIDE ON HER OWN NOT TO TALK TO SOMEONE. I swear, I hate this theme. I hate that it keeps coming back.

Also on the hate train is the whole Francie storyline. It never made sense to me, and just seemed to be a ploy for making more drama. It’s just so fake and contrived. Rory doesn’t want to be in the whole politics game, and making it be as shady as they do is just wrong. Francie was so different in the season before, when she was the all important Puffs leader, and I know Rory never really had any interest in her, but now they have Paris being against her entire existence as well. This whole plot line goes against the established character of most of them, and it’s just painful.

Rory and Dean

So this gets its own little subsection, because I have a LOT to say here.

First, I hate the way that Dean breaks up with Rory. I mean, I get it, I really do, because he’s been watching her fall for Jess, and he’s tried to ignore it, and eventually bottling stuff up like leads to an explosion. It just sucks though. At least, I guess, it didn’t happen until later so there weren’t as many people there to witness it as there could have been. Also, like, Rory caused this. Rory did this. And really, no girl with two eyes and a brain is going to break up with Jared Padalecki. He’s BEAUTIFUL. I know I fangirled over Chad Michael Murray and all, but like, they’re both flawless. And Milo/Jess is just…not.

Plus, Jared wears a leather jacket SO MUCH BETTER than Milo. Just saying.

I also know that people have a problem with Dean as a boyfriend for Rory. I’m not one of those. He was put in a difficult situation, and handled it as well (or not) as any 16 year old could be expected to.

The first time they broke up kind of makes sense. I mean, yes, it was a shitty situation for both of them because Rory hadn’t really thought about it and Dean says “I love you” and gets nothing back. But the break up makes sense; they don’t necessarily feel the same about each other as the other does, and that is a valid reason for breaking up.

This time, Rory’s OBVIOUSLY into someone else, and that’s an even worse situation to be in for Dean because he’s so obviously NOT into someone else. He’s still so in love with Rory and having to sit there and watch her want someone else has to be hard. He tries to ignore it for as long as he can, thinking that maybe it’ll go away, and when he can’t ignore it anymore everything just kind of explodes. I can’t blame him for that, it just wouldn’t make sense.

It never surprised me that Rory and Dean got to be friends again though. It just makes sense to me. You can tell that Dean still likes Rory even though he breaks up with her, and I don’t think Rory ever stopped liking him either. I think she wanted to see what it would be like to be with Jess, but I’m not sure she wanted to not be with Dean. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but there it is.

General Thoughts

The Thanksgiving episode makes me so happy. I mean, if there’s anything Rory and Lorelai have been TRAINING for that for their entire lives. I mean, why else order the entire chicken selection off of a Chinese menu? Or any given spread at one of their movie nights? This is perfect for them. And Luke being disappointed when they might not be able to come to his dinner is adorable. I don’t see how Lorelai can pretend like Luke doesn’t have any feelings for her. It just doesn’t seem possible.

The dinner at the Kims’ is great, I’m always surprised really how involved they are with Lane’s family, especially when Mrs. Kim makes it pretty clear that she’s not super fond of Rory or Lorelai. It’s also impressive that Lane managed to get Dave there too and the way that they got him there was great. I mean, that kind of stuff is what drove Henry away, and yet Dave is perfectly okay with it.

Then the dinner at the grandparents was terrible. Once again we have an example of “Rory can’t think for herself, someone else must have put this idea in her head” and it makes me SO MAD. Sookie being super drunk when Lorelai and Rory come back is wonderful; I can see how Sookie would be feeling awful, being a chef and having all these guys (who act a little more like 3 year olds than grown men should) deep frying everything would make me crazy, and I just cook for giggles.

I love how Sookie reacts to meeting the guy she used to work with. She didn’t even really flirt with the guy, and yet she believes that she did and freaks out. It gets even better when Jackson immediately jumps to the same conclusion that Sookie did when she figured out that the guy thought it was a date. It’s so great how they’re so similar.

Luke teaches Lorelai to fish SO SHE CAN GO ON A DATE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. How can she not see this. Then the only reason he asks Nichole out is because of Lorelai going on the date with another man. Seriously, this entire relationship is insane and them not being together but being into each other goes on for way too long.

In the episode where Sherry gives birth, I HATE the kid they cast as Chris. The girl they got for Lorelai is wonderful. She looks more like Lorelai should at that age than the guy looks like Chris. He looks NOTHING like the man that they have for Chris. I just have never liked that casting. Plus, they wrote him way more meek than I picture Chris would be at that age, and more meek than they write the grown up Chris.

It’s adorable how excited Richard and Emily are about Rory going to Yale. They’re like 5 year olds on Christmas morning.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t just go anywhere to get a piercing. As Paris shows us, just finding a place that does it, for less than $20, and uses hoops in brand-new piercings is a bad idea and things will not work out well.

The party that Lane’s band plays at is the quaintest little party I’ve seen. The guys around the keg are talking about Lord of the Rings for God’s sake. It’s just adorable.

I have the same feelings about Dean marrying Lindsay as Rory does. They are too young, and it does seem like it’s too soon. Dean is a bit of a drama queen about the whole thinking he’d never be happy again when he and Rory broke up (and he says that she broke up with him, but he broke up with her). He was maybe 17, he had YEARS to be happy again, why would he think that he would never be happy again? And his solution is to marry the girl he’s been dating for, what, 4 months? I’m sorry Dean, you’re a beautiful, beautiful man, but NO. This is dumb and not a thing that should be happening.

I can’t be the only one who gets all teary when Rory gives her graduation speech. There’s just no way. It always gets me. With the things she says about Richard and Emily and then the part of it that’s about Lorelai and just. IT’S SO SWEET it makes my teeth hurt.



Another season down, 4 more to go. THEN THE MOVIES. And, of course, be sure to check out the other parts of this series: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5.

What are your opinions on this season? Was I too hard on Jess? Do you think you can talk me over to the Jess-is-good side?

Thank you so much for commenting! I love talking to you, and reading comments makes my day. I read them all, and I will try and respond as promptly as I can, but we all know life happens sometimes.