TV Tuesday Volume 9 – Whining About Season 6

TV Tuesday Volume 9 – Whining About Season 6

Alright, so, here’s the thing. I don’t like this season.

In fact, I hate it.

I was serious about wanting to stay forever in season five, and I really didn’t want to keep going. This time through, I realized what was coming, and how much I would not enjoy it, and yet here I am, finishing. Sticking it out through the bitter end.

Okay, I’m going to try and make this less whiny as I go along, but I can’t make any promises.


Starting here is the most obvious spot, especially if I’m whining.

So at the beginning of the series, when Max proposes and it seems like he’s doing it just to end the argument, Lorelai throws a tantrum about it because that’s not how you’re supposed to do it.


She’s not doing it to end an argument, but it’s not the way or the situation in which one proposes. She just had a fight with Rory, just found out that Rory’s not going back to Yale and that she’s living with Richard and Emily.

That was a huge blow for Lorelai. She was expecting Rory to go back, and she was expecting to be backed up by her parents, and neither of those things happened. It’s not a great moment for her, her version of the future just kind of collapsed.

When that just happened, that’s not the time to propose. It’s like having a baby to save a marriage. It doesn’t work, and it’s not fair to anyone involved.

Lorelai then goes on to cut her daughter entirely out of her life because Rory made one decision that she doesn’t agree with. So now Lorelai won’t talk to her at all. Because clearly Lorelai is an adult, and this is what adults do, not five year-olds.

OH WAIT. It’s the other way around. I almost forgot.

Then she just whines about how there are things that she would do with Rory but she can’t because Rory isn’t talking to her at the time. BUT SHE’S THE ONE WHO ISN’T TALKING TO RORY. LORELAI IS THE ONE DOING THE NOT TALKING. RORY DID NOT DO THIS. LORELAI DID.

Sorry. This annoys me.

Then she finally decides to show up at Rory’s twenty-first birthday party like that will make things better and I just. She has to know that none of this is okay, and that she’d be lucky if Rory ever talks to her again because Jesus God. I know that if anyone just cut me out like that I wouldn’t let them back into my life because who knows when they’re gonna decide to just cut you out again?

Luke and Lorelai

And for the natural next step, let’s talk about Luke and Lorelai for a bit.

Apart from the engagement, which I’ve already said is stupid, there’s just…the whole thing.

They broke up last season, fine, and now they’re back together because of course. But they never really addressed the reasons that Luke ended it in the first place. Like, he obviously had issues, and they don’t talk about them once, just BAM they’re back together and everything is perfect.

Except for no.

He has an entire litter of kittens when Chris calls and leaves Lorelai a message. He’s far too jealous for his own good, and apparently he doesn’t trust Lorelai in the least, and just. He gives that whole speech about how they have to be honest with each other if their relationship is going to work. Never does he say anything about how he obviously doesn’t trust Lorelai.

THEN HE DOESN’T TELL LORELAI ABOUT APRIL. Because, you know, that’s definitely not something one would need to tell their fiancee about. Super not a big deal at all. Nope. Doesn’t fall under the “we have to be honest” umbrella.

I always want Lorelai to walk away for good when she finds out about April. But she doesn’t. She doesn’t even walk away when Luke doesn’t want to have the wedding. I mean, he was giving Lorelai the hardest of times when she wouldn’t commit to a date until she made up with Rory. Now when he wants to push it back he doesn’t seem to understand that he’s putting her in the same place that he was in before.

He just doesn’t have a clue about what he’s doing, and then doesn’t notice when Lorelai starts pulling back.

At this point the whole relationship just feels like a very stale plot point.


I think it’s a little fitting that Rory joins the DAR when she’s not at Yale. I talked before about how I didn’t see it as much of a big deal that Rory is taking some time off, because it’s a thing that’s normal. And of course, when she’s not at school, she can’t emulate her mother, obviously. Lorelai, right now, is not really acting in a way that anyone would want to emulate, but Emily? Emily is proving to be rather stable at this point.

So Rory kind of embarks upon the path that Emily intended for Lorelai, and I think that Rory kind of knows that. She just doesn’t mind, and she doesn’t fight it until Emily starts getting more suffocating.

I don’t think I have too much of an issue with Rory this season, a lot of what she does makes sense. Of course she joins the DAR and of course she’s great at it. She goes back to Yale (of course) and she becomes editor of the Yale Daily News (of course).

Then, because apparently they were running out of ideas for plot points, THEY BRING JESS BACK AGAIN. Just for the love of God can they STOP DOING THIS. She goes to visit Jess and then they kiss and jUST STOP IT IT’S OVER AND DONE AND QUIT.

Also they tried way to hard to make him hipster and it hurts a little to watch.

Then there’s her and Logan.

Rory and Logan

I still love Rory and Logan. They’re my favorite, they end up together at the end no matter what anyone says ever.

But this season is rough for them.

There’s the breakup that wasn’t, the writers borrowing a storyline from Friends with the whole “We were on a break” thing.

Rory’s reaction to that makes me have thoughts though.

On the one hand, I totally feel for her after having to be in the room with all the bridesmaids that were with Logan. She had no idea what she was walking into, and it was just awful. I think anyone would have been a wreck after something like that.

But once Logan explains what happened, and how he thought the fight was something that Rory didn’t think it was, she holds on to it. I get that she’s hurt, and she has every right to be. It just seems like she would be more understanding after she finds out where he was during the separation.

Then she holds it against him for the longest time until he gets hurt and then suddenly she’s back in the relationship full force. It just seems a little…out of character for her. Like she took a page from her mothers book for a while, and then when he has the accident she realizes she was acting like an idiot.

After the accident, naturally, everything is back to normal and they’re nauseatingly cute together again. I love them.


I don’t like this story line AT. ALL.

It seems super forced, and just the way that Luke throws himself into it and ignores all other aspects of his life (namely Lorelai) seems wrong.

He doesn’t seem like a kid person, and the way that Anna describes how Luke was about kids seems basically like the way that he is about kids still. He just instantly starts trying too hard and completely blinds himself to the fact that he’s shoving Lorelai away. Hard.

The arrival of April just seems like an excuse to alter Luke’s character and screw up his and Lorelai’s relationship because even the writers can see that it’s not working and that they need to be not together. It’s just far too obvious of a thing and it hurts a little.


Alright, I’m done. I can’t gripe about this season any more. It’s just the worst. And there’s still the seventh season to get through. It’s going to get rough, folks, and I’m just going to apologize in advance.

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What do you think of this season? Which season so far is your least favorite? Should I hate this season less?

One thought on “TV Tuesday Volume 9 – Whining About Season 6

  1. I love seeing how much your thoughts parallel with mine about almost everything. However, I feel like you’re going a bit hard on Lorelei a bit. I do find myself annoyed with some of her immature ways but I have to keep reminding myself that she sort of grew up too fast and unconventional than a normal teenager because Rory happened. So I think she didn’t really learn how to properly handle some things as an adult and some of her immature aspects are because of not having enough time to get it out of her system properly.

    Also, Luke is an idiot in this season. I don’t care for April’s mom either. She comes off a total bitch and didn’t seem like she was comfortable sharing custody with Luke in the first place and caused a fuck ton of trouble for him that was unnecessary.

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