TV Tuesday Volume 8 – Raving Over Season 5

TV Tuesday Volume 8 – Raving Over Season 5

I always hate it when season five is over because it’s my favorite. I always kind of want to live in the space it creates. Rory has finally gotten her shit together and has left the whole Dean thing in the past, LOGAN IS HERE, and it’s just before Lorelai starts throwing her most immature hissy fit ever in the world. The one that makes me hate her a little. Then the Luke and Lorelai thing happens FINALLY and then unhappens and happens and just.

I know that bad is coming after this season, and I don’t like being mad at a show I like this much. It happens though, and it’s right after this season.


Rory and Dean


I’ve never really understood why this had to happen. I mean, I know that they’re both hung up on the other, and that they never really wanted to break up. They didn’t get the ending to their relationship that they wanted, and I get that. I do. But seriously, this is awful.

Rory wouldn’t be The Other Woman, Dean wouldn’t be The Cheater. I know I’ve said this before, but it just goes against both of their characters. I think I would have been happier if they’d left it at the one time. Like have it be a one time thing and that’s it. No, it was dragged out. In exactly the same way that their relationship was with the whole Jess thing.

Also, may I just say, that RORY NEVER BROKE UP WITH DEAN.

The first time they broke up? Dean did it because Rory didn’t say that she loved him back.

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I can’t find anything from the first breakup so pretend this is where Lorelai hugs Rory when she comes in the house after they break up.

The second time they broke up? Dean broke up with Rory VERY PUBLICLY at the dance marathon.

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The third time they broke up? Dean broke up with Rory at the Yale Male Party Emily and Richard threw.

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Everyone on the show, however, forgets all of this and constantly talks about how Rory broke up with Dean. It’s been driving me insane for MONTHS. It’s never happened that way. Not once.

Luke and Lorelai

So they finally get together in the last episode of season four, and things really get going in this season. FUCKING FINALLY. There has been so much tip-toeing around whether they will or won’t get together and it’s just been an exhausting ride.

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No. The whole relationship is just one roller coaster of emotion after another. And it’s the same roller coaster. It’s like going to an amusement park, excited to try out all the different rides, and every time you get on one it turns out that it’s the EXACT SAME as the one you just got off. The whole park is one ride. It never ends.

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That’s what this relationship is.

They get together. They’re fine for a while. Emily and Richard do a thing and it makes things hard for them. They break up. They get back together. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam.

And, unpopular opinion time: I’m not sure they’re that great together. I mean I know everyone wants them to be together because it’s so obvious, but like maybe she should have stayed with Alex. He seems like he would have been the best for her after Max.

They’re always fighting over something, or Luke doesn’t agree with something that Lorelai has done, or Lorelai saw Christopher and Luke has a conniption fit. There’s always something and it makes me want to smack them both.

Rory and Logan

This is the one situation in which I have an OTP.

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I have liked couples together before, but this is the only couple in literature or on TV (other than Pacey and Joey but we’ll talk about that later) that I feel absolutely 100% belongs together no matter what anyone else says.

If the new movies don’t reflect this then I will put them in the folder that the last two episodes go in marked “NOT REAL.”

I love this couple for several reasons. Logan is the best of both Dean and Jess. He’s smart and a good intellectual match for Rory, and he’s got the same strength of love for her that Dean does. He throws away an entire lifestyle that he’s cultivated for years to be with her. Not that I’m advocating changing completely in order to maintain a relationship, but he did it of his own volition. Rory didn’t make him, in fact, she tried to talk him out of it.

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But he wanted to be with her and so he did. He made that happen.

Granted, some things go wrong, but that’s like a REAL RELATIONSHIP that’s REAL. There’s always gonna be some bumps along the way but you just have to get along with them. Really, the dinner at his parents house is not a great way to start a relationship, and that’s a rougher bump than most relationships have. But they handle it like champs, even Logan who still isn’t used to the whole being a boyfriend thing.

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It also works for Rory because finally Emily and Richard approve, and they won’t do anything to screw it up like they have done with every other relationship Lorelai and Rory have had. God, even the friendships they try and screw up or pretend don’t exist unless they like them (i.e. Emily insisting on calling Lane “Rory’s Asian friend” and not Lane).

I can see where it could be said that they’re not good together. I mean, she does steal a yacht with Logan, and she takes a bit of a vacation from Yale with him. But neither one of these things are his fault. Rory is having a bit of a crisis that leads to both of these things. He doesn’t suggest either of these. They’re both her ideas.

She picks the boat to steal for fuck’s sake. She, again, has a brain in her head to choose for herself to take some time off from school. Which, by the way, is not something that she (or anyone else) should be ashamed of because IT’S TOTALLY NORMAL. Everyone does it. It’s fine. People need a break, and going through Chilton and working her way up to valedictorian then straight into Yale with an impressive workload, Rory DEFINITELY needs a break.

Logan supports her through both of these though. He doesn’t judge her for it, he doesn’t tell her that she shouldn’t or that she’s making a mistake (*cough*LORELAI*cough*) he just stays by her side.

He is just the best person for her, and I love it when they finally get together and they’re just perfect.


Now she’s getting into a little bit of a spot here in this season. I’ve always liked it because it helps Rory to grow as a character, because most of her challenges until now have been trivial. School has come easy to her, until she was taking one too many classes, and boys have come pretty easy for her. Those relationships had a few bumps, but nothing earth shattering.

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But here, now, there’s a real challenge. Mitchum telling her that she doesn’t have it in her to be a journalist is a real thing, and it rocks Rory’s world. That’s the only thing she’s ever said that she wants to be, and now there’s something to challenge her dreams. For the first time, she questions herself and her life, and it leads to her making some choices that she wouldn’t have before because she’s been examining her life.

Now she has to think and come up with a plan to tackle this problem. She has to find a way to set her life back on some kind of a track, but first she does what a normal person in that position would do; she makes a rash decision. And that decision has repercussions that we don’t see yet, but you can feel them coming.

You can actually see her change in this season in a way that no one else in the series really does. Except maybe Logan.


She’s so unsupportive in this season, you can feel her getting more immature. She doesn’t approve of Logan so she just kind of ignores it wherever she can, and it’s awful. I mean, Rory finally finds someone that’s really good for her, and her mother is being a raging bitch about it.

Granted, as a mom, she’s got a good reason for having something against them after the whole dinner thing. That wasn’t Logan though, it was his family. So really, she shouldn’t have anything against him because he was defending Rory through the whole dinner.

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Lorelai also finally gets what she wants and I want to be happy with her over the whole Luke thing, but she brings him around her parents even though she knows that that will not end well. I mean, she got engaged to Max without him having met her parents. Why could she not have kept Luke from them?

She gets her inn though, finally, and it’s beautiful. I want to stay there, with the horses and all the cute everythings. It looks like a wonderful place to stay, and I think that Professional Lorelai would be fun to be around for a bit.


So here’s another baby in the series. It may make him perfect for Lorelai because she’s also a small child.

He loses his shit for no reason after the vow renewal. Sure, Emily and Richard don’t like him, and Emily actively plots to break them up, but he knew that. He knew that from the dinner with Emily and the golf outing with Richard. This was not news.

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And yet, when Chris shows up at the wedding he can’t handle it. I mean, nothing really that bad happened. Lorelai told him about the night when Chris’s dad died and she went over there, but I think she explains it well. It’s definitely after the fact, but it wasn’t something that Luke really needed to know, because he’s a jealous ass. I don’t think that I would have told Luke about it either. But Lorelai does tell him about it, and she does tell him her reasoning behind not telling him sooner. I don’t know, I just think she handled it fine. Or at least as fine as Lorelai can.

Luke, though, just doesn’t. He’s insanely jealous, and flips his shit when Lorelai goes in a building that Chris might once have driven by. It’s totally uncalled for, and he needs to suck it up and accept that Lorelai had a past and it didn’t include him. He at least has the present with her, and probably could have had a good chunk of the future with her if he didn’t fuck it up at every turn.

Then Emily comes along and tells him to get back with Lorelai and he just does. Not because he wants to, though there are heavy hints that he wants to, but because he’s told. Why does Emily saying that he should go back to her suddenly make him do it? She’s not approving of him, she’s not saying that she suddenly likes him, and she’s not saying that she won’t mess with them again. She’s just being Emily and trying to control everything, and Luke lets himself be controlled.

TV Tuesday Volume 7

Okay I’m done

I love this season and I could analyze it for years. I won’t, though, because that will take way too long. Buckle up, because I don’t think the next installment in this series will be any better. It will be MUCH more frustrated and angry and I will tell you all about why when I see you next week.

And just in case you’ve missed them (or if you, like me, want to pretend it ends here and start over again) here’s the rest of the series so far:  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5part 6, and part 7.

How do you feel about this season? Anything that I forgot to mention? Let me know!

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