TV Tuesday Volume 7 – The Gilmores Go To Yale

TV Tuesday Volume 7 – The Gilmores Go To Yale

I just spent all morning writing the wrong post.

At least I’m prepared for next week, I suppose, but this will teach me to watch ahead and not pay attention to what I’m blogging!

So now I’ll work on the right post, and here I give you Gilmore Girls season 4!

The Lorelais

I want to go on their Europe trip. It seems like it would be so much fun, and just. Although I don’t know how there was any way that they fit that much stuff into their backpacks with all their clothes. You know that they took way too much clothing on that trip, which means that really there’s no way that they could have fit that many souvenirs in there.

It’s beautiful how Lorelai makes sure that Rory has all the right things for school. Also, there’s the whole making Rory go out and come back in because she’s not actually paying attention when she walks into her dorm for the first time.

Their getting Rory ready for Yale is probably one of my favorite examples of them working together. Splitting up the errands, ordering from all the food places and rating them. It’s great.


She finally gets going on her inn and it’s great. Then there’s the boys.

I’ll start with Jason because that’s where she starts. I don’t like them together. I mean, it is weird that Lorelai wants to go out with her fathers business partner, but it’s also weird for Lorelai to want to go out with someone that’s so ensconced in her parents world. She avoids everything to do with them, and the fact that SHE’S concerned about him being in her parent’s world is super telling. Plus, he’s strange as FUCK.

This whole thing lasts way too long and I’m so glad when it ends. It’s weird how it ends, though. I mean, she leaves him because he’s suing Richard. She doesn’t care any other time things happen to her parents, and it strikes me as odd that she chooses this time to care about it, especially enough to leave her boyfriend. It just seems way too…family oriented and mature for something that Lorelai would do.

Then Luke.

It’s so cute how Luke and Lorelai talk about how they don’t want to date, and how they hate dating, BUT THEY’RE ON A DATE. They’re watching movies at Lorelai’s house ALONE. There is FOOD involved. THAT IS A DATE. Luke doesn’t want to trade places with Rory (who is currently on a date) BUT HE’S ALSO ON A DATE. Rory doing the whole dating thing is painful. In the most relatable way. Everyone knows that dating is awful, and watching it play out just hurts. That secondhand pain of being on a first date makes that entire episode kind of hard to watch.

So of course, they’re not dating, but, like, they are.

By the way, I want to save the conversation that Lorelai has with Rory about how dating is what you do when you’re in college and replay it for Lorelai when Logan comes on the scene. Lorelai judges Rory SO HARD when she decides to date around, and yet she’s told Rory all about how you’re supposed to date when you’re in college, that that’s the best time to do it. H Y P O C R I T E.


There are some episodes where I feel more like Rory than others. The one with the first party of the year at Yale is one of them. She gets to class super early, she doesn’t want to do the whole party thing, and both of those are so me (especially since I’ve been out of school long enough to think that going back might be a fun idea). I could never share a living space with 3 other people, and I DEFINITELY couldn’t share a room with a Paris. AND I would probably be more averse to “opening the door” than Rory was. I would so rather spend the night holed up in my room with a book than help throw a party with an entire building of strangers.

I really like the spring break episode. It’s so cute, and I love that Madeline and Louise just kind of show up for it. They’re fun characters. I hate the bringing Dean back into it though. But I’ll get into that later. This is kind of the tamest spring break that I could think of, it’s so cute. Like the party at Kyle’s when Lane’s band plays, it’s just so quaint. There’s no MTV spring break vibes to this, and the club doesn’t even seem that wild. It’s just so not what you think when you think spring break.

And, okay, so I hate the Dean thing. A lot. I mean, they’ve made it clear that neither one of them are happy with the way that things are between them, but this is so out of character for Rory and Dean. Also, like, everyone keeps saying how Rory broke up with Dean but that’s not what happened? She did want to be with Jess, but she’s not the one who did the ending of the relationship. Dean was. Very publicly, might I add. How does everyone forget that? That’s annoying. That’s not the point though. The point is that as far as they’ve been fleshed out, neither Rory or Dean would do this. Not while Dean is married. I know that they’re trying to make a point here, about how even the smartest people with the best intentions make mistakes sometimes, and I get that I really do. It just doesn’t seem right.

The Gilmore Women

I love the breakdowns of the Gilmore women. I mean, Lorelai and Rory have theirs at the same time, but Emily has one in the very next episode. Like no matter how they might feel about each other, and no matter how much Emily and Lorelai might not get along, there’s definitely a connection there. It’s just that Lorelai and Rory just kind of crumble, and Emily fortifies herself with as many things as she can buy.

Then Emily has another breakdown after Richard’s mother dies, but this one is totally understandable. She knew that Lorelai I didn’t like her much, because that was never disguised, but finding out just how much she didn’t like Emily was just like a slap in the face.

Asking someone to leave their bride at the altar is AWFUL. Richard’s not mentioning it isn’t surprising, with us just having found out that he’s been lying about the lunches with his ex-fiancee. Still, though, I think that might be something that one’s wife would need to know. At least she doesn’t take it out on anyone with this though. I would almost expect Emily to take it out on everyone: Rory, Richard, and especially Loreali. But she doesn’t. She just kind of quietly implodes. Well, maybe not quietly.

Finally Emily shows something like respect for Lorelai. Instead of just cutting her down the whole time after the thing in the mall, she actually admits to being impressed with how Lorelai handles her business and everything. It’s a small change, but it’s definitely something different from what we see between them in the early seasons. Then she was all condescension and ire for what Lorelai does, calling her a maid and ignoring the fact that she was the manager of the Independence Inn. Now she’s praising Lorelai’s handling of business calls and the opening of her own inn.

Other Things

-OH GOOD. Jess is back. I’M SO GLADnot. Why does he have to come back? Why do they keep DOING this? It’s insane, it’s ridiculous, it SUCKS. And he just tells Rory he loves her and walks away? ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

-Lane being at Yale makes me angry. That doesn’t seem like the best place for her to go. I mean, really, crashing at Lorelai’s would make more sense. That way, Lane could still take shifts at Lukes, and everything she would need would be within walking distance. I know that she doesn’t want to see her mom and staying in Stars Hollow would make that really hard/impossible, but still.

Her staying at Yale makes zero sense to me. There’s no reason why she would think that Rory’s dorm is the only place that she could go at all. I hate that they put her in the overbearing mother mode. It’s really the worst. It’s almost entirely against her character as it’s been established. She spends the rest of her time on the show rebelling against any kind of authority figure (namely Mrs. Kim) and for her to jump in as the resident mother doesn’t fit.

It’s much better when Lane stays with Lorelai until the band decides to get an apartment. That just makes so much more sense to me than her living with Rory. Because it makes some sense, and her living with Rory makes zero sense.

-I like having Liz on the scene. We’ve heard from her before, but this actually having her here and seeing her and how she acts is really cool. She’s so different from Luke it’s hard to believe that they’re related, but it does make it easier to see where Jess comes from and why he’s the way he is.

-The whole thing with Richard’s business sounds about right. I mean, they’ve hinted at Floyd being the kind of person who would sue them over something like this, so it’s not surprising when he actually does. Then Jason suing Richard sounds right, and also I don’t blame him because Richard did kind of a shitty thing. It was a good business decision, sure, but leaving Jason completely out of it and going behind his back to make the deal was a terrible person thing to do.

Lorelai surprised me on this one though. She never has seemed to mind in the past when something would cause a rift in her family, at least when it comes to her parents, and yet this is where she puts her foot down. I guess it’s nice to know that she does have a line that she won’t cross, but still. I didn’t expect her to break up with Jason because of the lawsuit. Not that I’m complaining because I didn’t really ever like them together.


What are your favorite parts of this season? And how do you feel about the whole Dean thing? I need some more input on this.

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