TV Tuesday Volume 10 – The Last Season

TV Tuesday Volume 10 – The Last Season

Here we are, folks. We made it. We’re finally at the end of the currently available Gilmore Girls story, and I have to say that I’m a little sad for it.

I love getting to spend time in Stars Hollow, even though some of it (especially the last bit of it) doesn’t quite make me squee with joy. It’s a fun place to be and is always at least a little entertaining.

Now, just like I had some issues with season six, I’ve also got some problems with the way that season seven unfolds. There are just some things that don’t stick for me. There are other things that did not happen at all and have been rewritten in my head forever.

The Ending

I’m going to start at the end, because this is my kingdom and I can do as I please (but really there’s a reason, promise).

A lot of people on the internet hate the ending. And I can see that, I can, but there are a few things that impress me about it.

The show was cancelled suddenly. They didn’t know that the seventh season was going to be the last until after the fact. Which makes the last episode a REALLY GOOD episode. One of the few in this season, if I’m honest really.

I think it was a beautiful ending. There are so many things that make it a perfect, matching bookend to the start of the series. There’s the Rory going to a new place (first episode: Chilton, last episode: campaign trail). There’s the eating at Luke’s (which doesn’t happen in the very first episode, but does happen very early on). Friday Night Dinners start in the first episode, and are promised to continue in the last.

Rory’s just graduated, it feels like a natural ending of sorts. And the send off with the party? I just don’t think that it would be a true end to the series if there wasn’t a bash to send it off. The graduation party that they throw for Rory just goes perfectly with the whole of Stars Hollow, and feels like the perfect way to end something.

Luke and Lorelai

Now I’m getting to the problems.

I really am not sure that I like them together at all. They’re far too different and they just n e v e r work out no matter how hard they try or how badly they want to.

They start this season having just broken up, and Lorelai runs, naturally, straight to Chris (which I’ll get to later because OHMYGOD NO). Luke is jealous of it and just. It doesn’t start out well for these two.

Really, it never gets good for them this season, to be honest. They’re weird around each other and I think it just shows how incompatible they are. I mean, okay, sure, it would be a tough situation to be in and it would always be awkward. Which is why you don’t push it. And I think Lorelai pushes it a bit. They never really talk about anything. Not why they broke up, not anything. Which is normal for them because that’s exactly what happened last time.

You would think, after having been together and broken up twice now, they would learn and say “Hey, maybe we should clear some things up here.”

But no. Not these two. Nuh-uh. Noope. They’ll just go on, forever breaking up and getting back together and breaking up ad nauseam. And of course, they are apparently back together at the end of the last episode because what else would that kiss be. Surprise, though, they talked about nothing. NO. THING.

Lorelai and Christopher



So, first, they don’t get married. Chris is not that stupid, and Lorelai isn’t either.

How they ever thought that relationship would work that soon after Lorelai breaking it off with Luke is beyond me. But they didn’t get married because they’re not teenagers anymore. They don’t make stupid, huge, life changing things happen like that on a simple whim in Paris.


But apparently they do. It turns out exactly as you would expect but they do because they’re 16 again and making all the wrong choices. Chris even tries to get Lorelai to have another kid with him LIKE THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS GOING WELL (WHICH IT ISN’T AND THAT’S WHY HE WANTS A KID).

Chris is not stupid enough or desperate enough to try and get Lorelai to do the whole “Let’s have a baby to save our marriage” thing. I really don’t think that he is. Maybe I could hear an argument about how he’s in love enough, but really even then he has to know it wouldn’t work.

I mean, look at what happened when they had the last kid. She wouldn’t marry him, and she took Rory and raised her away from anywhere Chris would have been. It’s made clear that Chris didn’t try very hard, but really.

I don’t know if I would trust Chris with another kid anyway. He handled Gigi well enough, but only because there wasn’t another option. But this time? There would be, because Lorelai isn’t the dump the kid and go to Paris type.

Chris, however, could very easily still be the dump the kid and run kind of guy. Look what happens when they have a fight about the character reference she writes for Luke. He disappears and doesn’t answer the phone, doesn’t bother to check in, and barely shows up for Lorelai when she really, actually needs him. I certainly wouldn’t trust him with a kid, not when he acts like that.

Lorelai and Rory

And while we’re on the topic of Lorelai and her love life, why is it that she and Rory only have the options of past boyfriends? I mean, after Jason, Lorelai doesn’t have a new guy that she can be with. It’s just Luke or Chris. THAT’S IT THE END.

Rory gets the same shit pulled. I mean, she’s at YALE for Christ’s sake, she didn’t meet any other male there? Her only option when she and Logan have a fight is to go to FUCKING JESS. WHAT.


Fucking SOOKIE has better love interest options. I mean, there’s the new guy that comes in with the vegetables and she flips because she feels like she’s cheating on Jackson. And way before there’s the old friend who thinks he’s going on a date with her. She gets options. Granted, she always goes back to Jackson because obviously they’re perfect for each other, but at least they give her variety.

It’s like they just didn’t want to find any other options for Rory. Even the thing with the TA who takes over Richard’s class after the heart attack is half hearted at best.

I just hate that there’s no originality with their love interests. They just recycle and recycle and after a while even the most recyclable material becomes useless.

Rory and Logan


They’re married, fyi.

I refuse to acknowledge that Rory said no. In my mind, “Unto the Breach,” the second to last episode, ends at 37 minutes. When Richard is taking all the pictures and Rory still has (and, in my mind, is wearing) the ring, and that’s it. It’s over.

I mean, granted, the way that he proposed is entirely wrong for Rory and I think he knew that going in, but IT’S SO DAMN CUTE. And the carriage? And how perfect they are together? They had their rough points, sure, but they’ve grown so much together, and learned how to be with each other in the best most effective way and just.

I also have a back up theory. If Rory did give back the ring, you know that Logan doesn’t give up. He didn’t give up when they sort of broke up before, and I don’t think he’s going to give up on this. Not at all.

So maybe he finds out she’s on the campaign trail, because after all he does know the writer that gave Rory the job, and he shows up at all the stops. He brings her books and snacks and coffee and things that he thinks she could use while being cooped up on the bus. A deck of cards with a cheesy-cute quote on the backs, always a ring-pop to remind her of the engagement ring.


What Now

Well now I’m going to go sit in a corner for a while and stare at the wall because I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Maybe I’ll build a book fort around myself for protection.

After that though, I’m probably going to jump on the Stranger Things bandwagon with everyone else (if there’s still room).  That’ll definitely be an episode by episode deal, but for real this time. Like it’ll stay that way. Promise.

If you’ve got any suggestions about shows that I should watch and talk about for TV Tuesday in the future let me know! I’m always up for watching new shows!


What are your thoughts on this season of Gilmore Girls? What do you think of the ending?

Thank you so much for commenting! I love talking to you, and reading comments makes my day. I read them all, and I will try and respond as promptly as I can, but we all know life happens sometimes.