#ReadThemAllAThon – Knocking out my TBR

#ReadThemAllAThon – Knocking out my TBR

I’m absolutely loving Aentee’s Pokemon kick! So when I saw that she was doing a readathon that’s Pokemon focused I started trying to figure out what exactly I would read for it. All the details can be found at Read At Midnight but here are the basics. There are eight badges and a book to read for each one. Each book and gym completed, review posted, earns you CP (combat points) for your chosen Pokemon. After certain point goals are reached, your Pokemon evolves. And the one at the end of the challenge, which is over on September 4th, who has the most points wins a THING.

It took me WAY longer than I thought it would but I think I finally have the final line-up. Who knows whether I’ll get through them all or not (minus the two I’m already almost done with), but this is going to be fun, I can tell.

My Pokemon

Trainer Card - Gastly

I chose Gastly because Gengar is one of my favorites, so maybe this will make me more set on finishing at least most of the books on my list. Getting to Gengar is going to take a long time, but I’m gonna try and get there!


Boulder Badge

I’m going to finally read A Book of Spirits and Thieves for this one. I was excited to read it when I bought it and then it just kind of fell further and further down on my list. NOT ANYMORE. And now that the second one is out, I really need to get started on this.

359 pages, possible +35 CP

Cascade Badge

I’ve been listening to The Raven Cycle on my drive to and from work and I’m on the last one and I NEED HELP. The Raven King is making me feel so many things and I need a Ronan Lynch support group because he is a peRFECT CUPCAKE AND NEEDS TO BE CUDDLED AND SHELTERED. This book is going to ruin me and it’s gonna be just the worst.

I love it.

439 pages, possible +43 CP

Thunder Badge

So I’ve heard so many things about Truthwitch and I’m so excited to read it, but so much hype around things make me nervous (see my late start to The Raven Cycle for the most recent evidence on this front). I hate that about myself, because typically the hype is there for a reason, but still. I don’t want to not like something and I feel worse about not liking things when everyone else loves them.

416 pages, possible +41 CP

Rainbow Badge

So I found Genius: The Game by accident while working one day, and checked it out instantly. It sounds wonderful!

(I’m stupid excited about all of these books so this is gonna come up in every one so just prepare yourself okay.)

304 pages, possible +30 CP

Soul Badge

I don’t know for sure that A Court of Mist and Fury will have an epic romance in it, but based on the first one, I’m thinking it will have to. I need to sit down one day and devour this monster of a book, and I’ve been waiting to for so long.

640 pages, possible +64 CP

Marsh Badge

So “a book with fantasy or supernatural elements” is basically all of the books I have, but I chose A Criminal Magic for this one because I’d already started it and it doesn’t really fit in any other category. I am loving this book so far!

422 pages, possible +42 CP

Flame Badge

I’m re-reading A Court of Thorns and Roses for this badge because I read it so fast last time that I don’t remember what happened in it and I need to know what happened here before I dive into ACoMaF.

416 pages, possible +41 CP

Earth Badge

This one was the most difficult to pick. Dystopian is hard enough to read for me, it’s just not typically my thing, but narrowing it down more to post-apocalyptic? I could not find a n y t h i n g for this and then. Then it hit me. Winter! I have yet to finish the Lunar Chronicles, and this is the perfect time to try and finish it!

832 pages, possible +83 CP

Let’s see how far I get!

Are you going to join in on the Read-A-Thon? Let me know! (And check out the sign up post for all the extra CP options!)


2 thoughts on “#ReadThemAllAThon – Knocking out my TBR

  1. So many of these are on my TBR list as well! I loved ACOMAF more than ACOTAR, and the romance is pretty epic but not overpowering, I thought. It’s not on my list for this challenge, but I really need to read Falling Kingdoms. I keep hearing awesome things! Good luck!

    1. Oh man, I need to read Falling Kingdoms as well! I didn’t find out that A Book of Spirits and Thieves was a spin off until I’d already gotten super excited, so I’m hoping that it’s not one of those where I HAVE to read the main series first. I’m glad the romance in ACoMaF isn’t overpowering…I think that would make me tired a bit. Epic is good, over-the-top is too much for me! Good luck to you too! I’m on number three at the moment, and hopefully things will keep going at this rate. I might actually finish most of them if it does!

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