Pokemon GO Book Tag!

Pokemon GO Book Tag!

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Okay, so I don’t know if you know this about me yet, but I’m a SUPER NERD when it comes to Pokemon. I have all the games (except HeartGold, if you want to send a copy my way to complete my collection), and when Pokemon GO launched I downloaded it IMMEDIATELY. Even though all the servers were down all the time. Even though it’s too hot to go running around outside to find Pokemon. So when Aentee at Read at Midnight came up with this book tag I got SO EXCITED.

So without further ado, let the tag begin!

Pokemon Tag Starters

I’ve always loved books for as long as I can remember. I even remember the day I found out I could read, the day that all that gibberish of shapes and lines made themselves out to be words in my book.

There isn’t one book that stands out as having started my love of reading, but I know that the first book I really remember is The Baby Blue Cat Who Said No. It’s out of print now, and that makes me sad because I’ve wanted to force that book on E V E R Y O N E and I can’t.

Pokemon Tag Pikachu

I could put Harry Potter for each and every one of these books, but I’m not going to because that would be boring.

My favorite classic is, and has always been (well, since I read it in high school) The Great Gatsby. I’ve read a lot of other classic books and all of them just bore me to tears. I don’t know what it is that makes me not want to finish them, but there’s always something. Except for Gatsby. I think it’s the combination of Fitzgerald’s writing style and the 1920s setting, but I just love it so much.

Pokemon Tag Zubat

Probably one of the biggest series I’ve been told to read that I just can’t is the Percy Jackson series.

Here’s the thing. I know it’s supposed to be great and wonderful. And I like the mythology tie-in, I really do. I just don’t care. I read the first one. It was fine. It did not, however, live up to the hype. I didn’t want to read the next one, I don’t want to read any of the spin off series. There was just nothing that caught me, nothing that showed me what the hype was about. And I’m kind of sad about that, because it is such a big thing that I feel like I should read it, but I have so much other stuff that I want to read that I don’t want to force myself to finish something I don’t care about.

Pokemon Tag Ditto

The Red Queen is definitely a book that made me think of others. I mean, nothing in that book is new. Not the poor girl finding out that she’s got powers, not the dystopian aspect, none of it.

Yet I REALLY enjoyed the first book. The second dragged a bit, and not a whole lot really happened, but I recommend this series all the time, mostly because of the fact that it’s like other things. Working at a library, parents have come up to me and asked for recommendations because their kid really liked this series or that and can’t find anything else that’s similar for them to read. Sometimes something that’s mostly like something else, just a little different, is key to getting them to read something else.

Pokemon Tag Snorlax

The Wheel of Time series. Definitely. Or Outlander.

Both of these are ones I want to read. Wheel of Time because I love fantasy, and it just was so popular that I wanted to be in the loop on it. Plus, I think it would be interesting to see how the ending played out with a different author writing it. But there are so MANY of them. And they’re all so BIG.

Outlander is much the same for me. I didn’t realize that the series had the time travel aspect to it, and that sounds awesome. And so many of my friends are reading it. But they are all way too long, and books that are that long usually lose my interest somewhere around a third of the way in.

Pokemon Tag Gengar

Okay, so this one easily goes to Slasher Girls and Monster Boys. Both in the sense that I stayed up way later than I should reading it, and in the I-literally-lost-sleep-because-of-this-book sense.

This is SUCH a wonderful story collection, you guys! Each story is a re-imagining of at least one classic scary story, and some of them are beautiful meldings of more than one story. AND THEY ARE ALL TERRIFYING. Seriously, you should read this.

Pokemon Tag Nidoking/-queen


Seriously, every time I read A Darker Shade of Magic (which has been at least 3), I want them to be together. I mean, I know that they probably won’t end up together, and that’s kind of okay (not at all, but I’m being diplomatic), but I just want them to be. SO MUCH. VICTORIA PLS. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Pokemon Tag Rapidash

Definitely the Throne of Glass series. The fourth book is more than 650 pages and I read it in ONE SITTING. I couldn’t not read it. I’ve torn through them all really quickly, and I think I’m going to be devouring Empire of Storms just as quickly.

Pokemon Tag Eevee

Okay this is the one place where I’ll let myself use Harry Potter.


I want a series that’s all about magic. Not the learning of it, like we get in the books, but the real magic, like what Dumbledore and Voldemort use when they fight. How did they learn that? Why? Did they learn those things for exactly this situation? Are there more people that learn all this?

And the wand lore! I want wand lore! And arcane parts of the magic that exists in this world. Where did magic come from? How was it discovered? TELL ME EVERYTHING.

Pokemon Tag Egg

The Mayqueen Murders! There’s magic and superstition and I have a feeling that there’s going to be a bit of a gothic feel AND I’M SO EXCITED. This one’s been on my list since last year and I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, bUT SOON.

Pokemon Tag Lure Module

Victoria Schwab, April Genevieve Tucholke, Sarah J Maas, Patrick Rothfuss, Diane Setterfield, Elizabeth Kostova and Samantha Shannon are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. All of these are wonderful authors and I haven’t read anything by them that hasn’t utterly delighted me.

I would say J.K. Rowling, but oddly enough she’s not quite there. At least, I’m still trying to get over how much I couldn’t finish The Casual Vacancy. The Robert Galbraith mysteries are fantastic though, so she might get back on there.

Pokemon Tag Legendary

The Raven Boys. I just finished the first one and I loved it! I’d put it off for a long time because, for a while, it was constantly out at my library, and then because I just didn’t want to read it and not love it like so many others did. Thank god that didn’t happen.

Pokemon Tag Server Down

Doors of Stone.

I will continue waiting mostly patiently for this book, because the first two are beautiful and I’ve used them several times to get me out of a reading slump. I understand that this is taking a long time, because the first books are large, and that takes a while to write, and Patrick Rothfuss’s writing style often is more freeform poetry. That also takes a long time. You know, making entire paragraphs rhyme in a way that’s so subtle you don’t realize it until much later. It’s a lovely thing, and it’s so crafted that you know that he spent hours lovingly shaping it.


Pokemon Tag Magikarp

I think the Throne of Glass series fits well here. The first book was a little lackluster to me. I liked it fine, it just wasn’t quite as exciting as the second one was. Then the third one happened. And the fourth. And all of the sudden I was INVESTED in the series. In a way that had me gripping the book hard, turning the pages ferociously to the point I was afraid I would tear them. Celaena just exploded into this awesome person and I just cannot wait to see where she goes from here.

Pokemon Tag Mew Mewtwo

The only “collector’s edition” I want is a Harry Potter one. You know, the one where there are the removable horcruxes built into the covers?




THIS WAS SO FUN GUYS. I’m going to tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this as well. So go! Do!

Tell me your favorite categories in the comments. Which books do you need now that you’ve been waiting on forever? What book made you start reading? Or, what’s your favorite pokemon? Which game got you into the series? Let’s talk about it all!!

2 thoughts on “Pokemon GO Book Tag!

  1. I felt the same way about Throne of Glass, the first one was just ok, but when I finally had a chance to read the second book, I was super hooked and devoured 3 and 4 right away with ACOTAR fitting in there somewhere. So excited for both Empire of Storms and the coloring book!

    1. I just found out about the coloring book and it’s DEFINITELY on my list of things I need! I really love how that series builds on itself, not like usual where the first few in a series are PERFECT and then the rest is just kind of eh. I’m rereading ACoTaR right now, and I’m feeling the same kind of underwhelmed-ness that I had with Throne of Glass, and I’m just hoping she pulls the same voodoo magic in ACoMaF as she did in Crown of Midnight!

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