TV Tuesday Volume 5 – Gilmore Girls Season 2

TV Tuesday Volume 5 – Gilmore Girls Season 2

So let me just start this by saying that I much prefer doing the whole season overview as opposed to the episode by episode. Don’t get me wrong, I like recording my thoughts as each episode happens, but really it felt SO MUCH like a job it made me want to quit. Plus I couldn’t say things about stuff that happens in later episodes and that was hard sometimes because I’ve watched this show so much I have THOUGHTS that extend beyond the episode I’m currently watching.

And I went to school for analyzing things, and analyzing this show means you think about how things that are happening now mirror things that happen later. Or foreshadow them. Or make you wonder if the character will ever learn (*cough* LORELAI *cough*).

I think starting with the relationships first is a good idea, because I have a L O T to say about some of those.

Lorelai and Max

So as much as I don’t really like how Lorelai and Max got together, with the whole making out at his place of business thing and all, I don’t think that they’re bad for each other. I mean, sure, it’s still the beginning of the series and it’s obvious that Lorelai can’t settle down with anyone right now because her single-ness is clearly an important storyline that’s nowhere near done, but I would like for them to have gotten married.

I love Max’s parents. They just sound SO CUTE and I’m sad that they’re not actually in the show. I think that would have been a good family for Lorelai to be involved with. They sound like they would get along really well with Lorelai. I mean the whole naming Max after the butcher because of some pork chops? Lorelai would SO do that.

Obviously Max and Lorelai are problematic because of the whole Lorelai not wanting Max to be involved with Rory, not really. And then she doesn’t give him keys, and it’s just bad. Also, it seems like he doesn’t really know anything about Rory and Lorelai…with Dean telling Max all these things that even I could have figured out by now.

And the calling Christopher at her bachelorette party instead of Max, where everyone else is calling their guys. Also Max is kind of an ass about the keys, with the yelling at her about the being self-obsessed and thoughtless (I’m not disagreeing, just he was rude about it).

I love Rory’s reaction when Lorelai says she’s not marrying Max. You can tell that she’s as upset as Lorelai. Why do they have to take a trip though? That I’ve never understood. Why she just has to up and leave and literally run away when Max isn’t even in Stars Hollow to run away from. I mean I get the concept, but they leave for like 3 days and it seems like a bit much…

Rory and Dean

I really like Rory and Dean together. I know there’s a lot of criticism about how protective and possessive Dean is, but I really don’t think it’s that bad. Both of them are in difficult situations with the whole going to different schools, Rory’s having to study as much as she does, Tristan, and then of course the addition of Jess.

I feel for Rory with the trying to figure out how to handle Dean and Tristan being in any kind of proximity. Dean reacts…poorly. He flips all of his shit. I know that they don’t like each other because they both like Rory and one has her and the other doesn’t, but Dean goes almost full on cave-man. She’s his and it offends him for her to interact with some other guy. Even the fact that they’re doing the death scene doesn’t make things better. He’s just so upset about it.

Lorelai basically tells Rory not to tell Dean about her kiss with Tristan, and then when Rory doesn’t tell him about the kiss Lorelai judges her for not telling him about the kiss. I agree that Dean needs to know and that it’s not as big of a deal as they’re making it out to be, but both of them freak out about it, and then Lorelai tells Rory to do something and judges her for doing that thing that she told her to do. WHY.

Poor Dean. He wants Rory to come to the softball game so badly after Jess has appeared on the scene, and he just wants to spend time with her, and she finds ways out of it. He can tell something’s going on, and I think just about everyone else can too, except for Rory. Rory pretty much has no idea, or at least she seems like she doesn’t.

I’m totally with Rory on the whole putting bad news in a letter thing. I can’t talk right to save my life, but I think I might be able to write my way out of a paper bag. Probably because I have the chance to edit things and make them sound more palatable…anyway. I really like that that’s how she tells Dean about the whole Jess-car thing.

And now I break into my weekly Lorelai Rant.


Lorelai freaks out when she thinks that Luke is dating a Chilton mom that’s not her. She has a problem. And Luke knows what it means (this all was said in a very sing-song way, like a schoolyard taunt). She needs to get her head out of the sand and realize what’s going on.

THEN Lorelai does the freak out thing again. With Sookie again. Like in season one when she and Sookie are talking about Lorelai’s relationships and Lorelai just goes from zero to uber bitch in .2 seconds? She does the same thing when Mia talks about selling the Independence Inn. Like Lorelai wasn’t planning on leaving the Independence and running her own place. She doesn’t care enough about the place to stay there herself, she just doesn’t want anyone else to have it either.

So what does she do? She picks a fight with Sookie where she can say just the most awful things and thinks it’s fine; she puts no thought into what she’s saying, and just I still cannot believe that Sookie forgives her as quickly as she does. And she has got to be a much better person than I am, because if Lorelai said stuff like that to me and then came back the next day (or even within the minute, like in the first season) I wouldn’t be able to look her in the face without wanting to hit her. Hell, it’d probably take a week before it’d be safe for us to be in the same ROOM.

The refusal to go to her parents is INFANTILE. I mean, I know she believes herself to be massively independent, and I can understand being reluctant to go to her parents because of money, but REALLY. They HAVE money, probably more than they know what to do with, and she NEEDS money to keep her damn HOUSE standing, and she won’t do it. I mean, you know, obviously, Chilton was different because it’s for Rory, but with that logic, wouldn’t the house be MORE important because Rory LIVES in that house? And, for that matter, so do you Lorelai dear. GROW THE FUCK UP AND TAKE THAT MONEY. Her parents probably would have given her better terms for the loan than the bank, but she couldn’t pull her head out of her ass long enough to think of that.

Lorelai’s straight hair bugs me. I know it was a thing then, but it’s SO STRAIGHT. And there’s so much product in it it’s basically a board. The fact that it doesn’t really move bothers me. I want it to be shiny and straight, not dull and straight and not moving. It looks like a wig or something.


I also have a Jess rant. Because of course I do.

I HATE Jess. A lot. I know he’s supposed to be the tortured, pseudo-James Dean kind of guy, but he’s just AWFUL. He’s a jerk to everyone, and Rory tries to change that, but really why would she be with a guy she wants to change. That’s dumb, and I don’t like that they’re together ever and this whole season is torture for me. Because Dean goes off the deep end because of Rory liking Jess and being in denial about it, which is totally understandable, and then JESS IS EVERYWHERE AND HE IS THE WORST. And, okay, I get that he’s as smart as Rory and that’s a good match but he’s still an awful person.

Rory is the only one who Jess makes an effort with. I mean, she’s the only one he talks to, the only one he’s nice to, the only reason he ever does anything that’s remotely nice or social it’s because Rory tells him that he should. It’s awful. He’s rude to everyone else. The fact that he’s nice to Rory doesn’t redeem him, just like Snape being in love with Lily and doing everything for her doesn’t make him a good guy.

The whole basket bidding thing is cute. I really like how many little town things happen in Stars Hollow; they all seem so quaint and adorable and fun in a really kind of stupid way. I hate that Jess pretends like he didn’t bid on Rory’s basket intentionally, and I hate that he tries to pretend like he doesn’t like her when everyone can tell that he does. I mean, Rory is basically still ignorant of all things romantic that don’t involve Dean, but I think even SHE can tell. And then he doesn’t tell her that her bracelet came off because that would be the good thing to do.

I can’t believe that he thought that keeping it and not telling her was a good idea. Maybe it was just an experiment, like he wanted to see how long it took her to notice that it was gone? But when you wear something every day for forever, you kind of forget when it is and isn’t there. You get so used to it being where it is that your brain stops noticing that it is because it’s always there. So the fact that she didn’t notice that it’s gone doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’ve worn hair ties on my wrist for so long I don’t know that they’re there, and those things can be TIGHT.

It kind of bothers me that Lorelai sticks so hard to her opinion of Jess. I mean, she’s not entirely wrong, but she doesn’t even try to give him a chance. And she accuses him of stealing Rory’s bracelet, when there’s no real way that he could have ever done that, because that would involve all kinds of breaking into their house and stealing it right off of Rory’s wrist and how could anyone do that? I mean, I don’t even think that the best thief in the world could pull that off.

Why do they have to drive to get ice cream? You don’t have to drive anywhere in Stars Hollow. I’m 98% sure that the ice cream place is within walking distance from Luke’s, in fact, I know that it is because Lorelai and Rory actually DO walk there on several occasions. So WHY WERE THEY DRIVING TO THE ICE CREAM PLACE? Also, like, you could see the wreck coming with the whole Jess making Rory hold the wheel because of the drippage going on with the ice cream. You just knew something was going to happen.

Chris just showing up is wonderful. I like that he’s actually making an effort to be a good dad with all this. He goes into full-on angry dad mode, and it’s just so cute. Especially because he’s not really been there, and they’re showing him being there more and more.

I feel bad for Rory with the whole town feeling bad for her because of the arm thing, and them all blaming Jess and just shining her halo. Like she wasn’t there too. I mean, I know they all hate Jess and everything, but he wasn’t the only one in the car, and thus wasn’t totally blameless.

And of course Emily blames Lorelai for the accident. Finally, though, Rory loses it and says what’s bugging her about the whole accident thing.

Rory going to see Jess is more of a tell than she’s willing to admit. She misses Lorelai’s graduation, and she still doesn’t want to admit that she likes Jess. I think it’s because everyone hates him, so she doesn’t want to be the only one to like him, but she does and she doesn’t know what to do. I think she also still likes Dean, and she doesn’t want to break up with him. She just doesn’t know how to handle the whole situation. Their banter is fun, and they’re good together as an intelligence match, but I just don’t like him. Just with the whole being awful to everyone thing.

Other General Things I want to Mention

  • Another time issue: Luke says that Jess’s dad left a couple years ago, but that would mean that he left when Jess was 15, and that’s definitely not how this happened later.
  • So maybe I’ve watched too many America’s Next Top Model marathons, but the episode with the fashion show I could just hear Miss J SHRIEKING in the background when all the booster moms walked down the runway. One turn was too quick, none of them had their walk right, and just he would NOT have been pleased.
  • I really want to one day be able to order as much Chinese at once as they do when Richard spends the day with Lorelai and Rory. I think, though, that Al’s has to charge way less than any Chinese place here because if I were to order the full chicken menu it would cost a small fortune. BUT I WANT THIS DINNER ONE DAY.
  • Rory and Lorelai taking over the diner because Luke’s uncle died is adorable. Plus using all the diner talk is just fun.
  • Taylor goes LITERALLY crazy because of the farmer’s market pops up. He was a little crazy before, but that was mostly power crazy. This is entirely on a different plane. It’s wonderful. I feel so bad for him. Even though there’s some kind of discrimination there. I mean, he talks about the guy running the market opening a “long-haired freak’s” other stuff, which is just…weird. And rude. I mean, Taylor’s old enough to have grown up in the hippie-era, which would make sense because he seems like the kind of guy that would have been raised with parents had a thing against hippies. And this guy is definitely a hippie kind of guy.
  • I love Michel’s mom. I love how much they get along, and how excited that he is that she’s there until Lorelai turns her into a real mother. It’s hilarious. Maybe Emily is the way she is because of Lorelai. I mean, Lorelai does kind of turn Michel’s mom into an Emily…
  • I think Brad is my favorite running joke. He’s just wonderful.
  • Sophie the music shop owner starts out much nicer than she ends up being. She turns mean later, but I think I like the nice version better.
  • I love the wedding drama. It’s great. I mean, on top of being the one getting married, Sookie has the stress of being the caterer and the baker and pretty much everything else, which I know she’s mostly used to. It just seems like a lot to me.


Next week I’ll go on for way too long about season three. Until then, just in case you missed season one you can find it here: part one, part two, part three, and part four.


So what do you think about Jess? And Dean? Are you in the Dean’s a Bad Boyfriend camp, or the Jess is a Good Choice camp? Or are you with me? Because if you are with me, I’d be happy to go in on some t-shirts with you.

Thank you so much for commenting! I love talking to you, and reading comments makes my day. I read them all, and I will try and respond as promptly as I can, but we all know life happens sometimes.