TV Tuesday Volume 4 – The End of Season 1

TV Tuesday Volume 4 – The End of Season 1

This edition of Tv Tuesday will wrap up season 1. After this I think we’re going to go to a new format; possibly biweekly, and instead of doing an episode by episode recap, it’s just going to be seasonal. Because, let’s face it, you’re tired of this, I’m tired of this, we’re ALL tired of this (okay at least I am. This episode by episode thing is exhausting. Seriously.).

And now, sipping from my new Night Vale Community Radio mug (because I’m writing this much later than I should have and I need to make sure I’m awake throughout the whole thing), we shall begin.

Episode 16 – Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

The one with the breakup.

I love all the Stars Hollow events that happen, and honestly the Firelight Festival sounds like the best thing. It’s so cute and sparkly and just I like it a lot. I wish there was a town here that celebrated everything all the time for no reason. There’s so much happiness and you just have to know that the whole episode is going to be great. Obviously.


Of course, just after Lorelai and Luke start to get their ducks in a row about their relationship, SURPRISE Rachel shows up. Because everything goes smoothly with them all the time, of course. And just like that everything’s ruined with them. Lorelai is super jealous, and Luke doesn’t know what to do with either of them, and it’s all just a giant clusterfuck.

Lorelai getting set up because Rory can’t make the Friday Night Dinner is kind of awful. I feel bad for her, because Emily uses every opportunity she can find to make Lorelai’s life a living hell. But it’s kind of funny, how she just leaves out the window and Richard doesn’t care.

Okay. So Dean telling Rory he loves her. I have thoughts here. He gets so angry, and I get that he’s hurt, but I don’t think he has the right. He gets mad that she wants a minute to take it in, and he has to know that this is her first relationship. I know he expected her to say it right back, but he just…I don’t know. There’s always this expectation that everyone else should be feeling the same way you are at the same moment, and he can’t conceive of the fact that she might not be experiencing the same emotions, because people are capable of feeling different emotions than other people at moments in that you are sharing.

I mean, I feel for him, I do, but I hate that he gets that upset. I know he’s hurting, but he doesn’t consider for a minute that she could be too.

So now they’re broken up, Luke should be happy about Rachel being there but he’s not sure he wants her there, Lorelai has the failed set-up and is still not together with Max even though it seems like she wants to be, and everyone is happy here, right?

Episode 17 – The Breakup: Part 2

The one where Rory pretends that there’s nothing wrong.

So before I get into this one, let me just say that this one depresses me. Not because of the content, but because I have adopted the “Saturday is the day of pre-rest” thing as well as having my ideal day being Lorelai’s definition of wallowing (minus the sad movie and the crying part). Someone let me just have my two days of rest, never-ending pizza, and buckets and buckets of ice cream (like that giant Ben and Jerry’s tub Rory has at the end. WHERE DOES ONE GET THOSE???).

Anyway. We get to see Rory in crisis mode, and that means all the random chores that never get done have to get done. Obviously. She’s spent so much time thinking of other things to do so that she doesn’t think about Dean and she makes the insane List, and Lorelai actually goes along with it. I like that, because for all the things she doesn’t do quite wonderfully, her not pushing Rory to talk is actually nice. Convincing Miss Patty not to spread it around too much is also really good and nice. Lorelai gets points for this.

Then there’s the whole party thing, which is great, and I always get a little excited about it, because of Tristan’s getting dumped at the same time, and THERE’S FINALLY A CHANCE. He’s just so sweet with Rory when he finds out that she and Dean broke up and he’s got that puppy-dog sad face going on and I just want to hug him and squish them together and make them be together. And of course, Lane finds someone that her parents (okay, Mrs. Kim, I hate that they always refer to Lane’s parents like there’s actually two of them) would approve of, so naturally this is probably the worst thing in the world and a sign of the apocalypse.

Episode 18 – The Third Lorelai

The one where Richard’s mom isn’t dead and Emily loses her mind.

So they always talk about Richard’s mom like she’s dead, at least they have up until now, and suddenly BAM here she is. She’s kind of like Mrs. Kim and she’s terrifying, but we finally get to see Emily cut down a few levels. Emily spends so much time tormenting Lorelai that it’s satisfying to see Lorelai The First take her down even though you can tell that it just absolutely sucks.

Emily and Lorelai also show some of their similarities here, too, because they both have issues with their mothers (okay, so it’s Emily’s mother-in-law, but still, she calls her “mom” so), and they both want to keep their kids in their lives even though Emily is kind of hesitant to admit that and Lorelai isn’t.

I almost wish they got the trust fund, because that would be an interesting twist. But it can’t, and it makes their relationships that much tighter.

I can’t overlook the Tristan-Paris date, though, because I just like that that’s a thing a lot. Tristan doesn’t want to date Paris, and everyone can see that, but he does it anyway just because Rory says that he should. He likes her enough to go through with it, and she has NO idea. And when he all but tells her that, she thinks that he’s still not over Summer and doesn’t even have a clue that it’s her that he’s got a crush on.

Episode 19 – Emily in Wonderland

The one where Emily comes to Stars Hollow.

I love that Rory wants Emily to come to Stars Hollow. I mean, with Lorelai’s aversion to all things relating to her parents, you would think that Emily wouldn’t want to go to Stars Hollow, but she does and it’s great. The haggling with Mrs. Kim and the trainers, and the freakout at the potting shed when she sees how they lived, all great.

I never really have liked that she makes Rory a room at her house though. Like, I understand the whole thing, because they’ve got rooms to spare and everything. But the only reason she’s doing it is because she’s trying to make up for something that no one but her has a problem with. She wants Rory to have a place away from Lorelai because of that one time they lived in the potting shed and now Emily believes that Lorelai can’t give Rory a “proper” place. I hate it.

Episode 20 – P.S. I Lo…

There are so many hints that Rory and Dean are going to get back together because of the whole ” 1, 2, 3, he’s yours” game (which I am so stealing by the way), and he’s her first option. You can just tell.

Especially because they spend this whole episode focusing on how angry and unhappy Rory is without Dean and just IT’S SO OBVIOUS.

Then there’s the fight between Rory and Lorelai where Rory takes off to Emily and Richard’s and just sends everyone into a frenzy. It’s great. Lorelai actually has the responsible mother reaction which is shocking.

And, while we’re on the fractured relationship front, what’s Lorelai up to? Oh yeah, dressing Luke like he’s a doll, they’re doing their flirting thing, as per usual, and ruining whatever Luke has with Rachel (and that was fragile to begin with). Then she lies to Rory about the whole talking to Max thing, which starts the fight that sends Rory to her grandparents’ and just. CAN SHE NOT MAKE UP HER MIND. Luke or Max. Pick one. You can already see that Max and Lorelai won’t work because of the whole Lorelai not wanting to tell anyone about them.

Episode 21 – Love, Daisies and Troubadours

The one where they get back together.

So this is the classic season ender. Relationships that you saw ending do, and others that were obviously going to happen also do.

Lets begin with the getting togethers, shall we? Good.

Rory and Dean are BACK! She acts all awkward through the whole episode, being weird at Dean’s house and at the town meeting. Of course, there’s the Tristan thing, that almost ruins it all, because that’s what Tristan does. I like that Dean shows up at Chilton because he thinks that there’s a thing that might be happening, and he’s right, but he doesn’t know that and just shows up and it’s ADORABLE. Tristan just ruins the peace between Paris and Rory too, but we all knew that wasn’t going to last.

Lorelai and Max are ENGAGED? No one knows. They don’t even know. They’ll never know. It’s all dumb and just I don’t like it. They’re barely back together and Max just leaps right to marriage because he thinks that that will fix their issues. He really seems like a giant idiot even though he’s supposed to be smart.

Luke and Rachel are OVER. Because she leaves again. Because she can tell that there’s a thing between Luke and Lorelai even though they can’t see it. Also, of course Rachel leaves because they’ve thrown it in our faces so much that that’s all she does.

Also, on an almost unrelated note, I am Michele on all days with the ennui. That’s me all the time.


So here’s the close on Season 1. Which has left me exhausted. Here’s the first, second and third parts of this series, just in case you missed the rest of the season!

Now I’m just going to do thoughts on each season, which hopefully I’ll have finished by next Tuesday. Otherwise I might just go to a biweekly format for this one, or do other shows in the middle WHO KNOWS. We’re on an adventure now, guys.

Thank you so much for commenting! I love talking to you, and reading comments makes my day. I read them all, and I will try and respond as promptly as I can, but we all know life happens sometimes.