TV Tuesday Volume 3

TV Tuesday Volume 3

And we’re back for volume 3 of the Gilmore Girls takeover of TV Tuesday. So get your coffee bowls out (or put in your coffee IVs) and get those couch cushions in the perfectly mushed position, because here we go.


Episode 11 – Paris is Burning

The one where Lorelai and Max make out at Chilton because they’re responsible adults.

This is a banner episode for Lorelai. She starts off by telling the story of how she was a passive aggressive bitch towards a HAMSTER, and then goes on to make out with Rory’s TEACHER in the middle of a SCHOOL DAY. While STUDENTS are there. And then she’s surprised at what happens after that?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m going to start with one of my issues with Max. Why does he feel the need to make up stories for everything? He told Lorelai that ridiculous story about his uncle, which doesn’t really sound true, and when Lorelai asks him if it is or not he just smiles and leaves. Basically, he confirms that he just made that whole thing up to manipulate Lorelai. Like, why? He’s not a bad looking guy, why does he make a point to lie like that? Just.

AND THEN, when Lorelai asks where he learned how to make that…whatever it was he made her for dinner, he makes up the story about a neighbor and it’s CLEARLY  a lie. Why? I mean, Lorelai sees through this one, too, and at least he admits it when she asks, but seriously. WHY.

Then. THEN. We see Lorelai’s rule system break down. Because she makes all these rules about how Rory isn’t supposed to be there when Lorelai gets picked up for a date, but because she needs to get ready and is a diva, she basically trashes all of them for the sake of convenience. Why have them at all?

After Lorelai makes sure that Rory lets Max in, when Rory starts trying to get used to calling Max by his first name, she flips her shit. Why does this surprise her? Lorelai sets all these rules, and then chooses Max as the one to break them for, so obviously that’s a sign that this guy is different; but she is surprised when Rory sees it that way? I hate that she blames Rory’s attachment to Max as a reason for ending things.

And the way she talks to Sookie? Could she be any more of a bitch? I mean, at least she realizes it right away, but still. Does she not bother to think at all before she speaks? Who says something like that to her best friend? I would not have forgiven her as quickly as Sookie did, that’s for damn sure.

But the absolute pinnacle of this episode is the kiss. How either one of them thought it would be a good idea to make out in a high school full of students is beyond me. Max even goes to the trouble to close the door, like he knew they would need some privacy, but doesn’t bother with the shade on the window of the door because, really, why would he? He’s shutting himself in a room with a woman he is (or was) dating, and doesn’t think that anything will happen? Lorelai does have the maturity level of a high school student, and Max has to know that by now.

What gets me the most is that Lorelai seems surprised by the reaction. When Paris tells the whole school, Lorelai doesn’t seem to have thought of that as a possibility at all. Seriously? Why wouldn’t that be a thing that would happen? Here’s the reason you don’t make out with your kids’ teachers at school, ladies and gentlemen. Take notes.

Even more shocking is Max’s reaction. It’s only after the headmaster tells him that this relationship with Lorelai could be damaging to his career that he thinks “Oh, maybe this isn’t a great idea…” ARE YOU KIDDING. He’s an intelligent man, and didn’t think of this at all? UGH.

I’m just. I don’t like this episode. I just don’t.

Episode 12 – Double Date

The one with two double dates that don’t go particularly well.

Shall we start with Rory, Dean, Lane, and Todd’s date? Yes? Good.

So Lane wants to go out with this guy she knows nothing about. She just knows in her gut that he’s her soulmate. I’m sorry, what? I mean, I get the whole boy-crazy thing that happens in high school, and I can imagine that it’s more prominent in girls that are more sheltered, but SERIOUSLY? You’d at least have to have one conversation with him to start thinking that way.

She gets Rory to set up the double date with Dean, and neither Lane nor Rory tell their mothers what they’re doing that night. Not really. Lorelai knows they’re meeting Dean for a movie, but that’s it. Lane seems to know before they even get in to the movie that this isn’t going to work, but still they go. It definitely doesn’t end well, with the mothers breaking up the date.

Now let’s check in with Lorelai and Sookie.

First, there’s no way Sookie has that much hair. I don’t even have that much hair, and I’ve got enough hair for 3 people. But fine. It works well for the fanciness of the restaurant that they’re going to.

I’ve never understood that idea, that for a first date you have to go somewhere fancy and nice. Like, you’re already going to be nervous and uncomfortable, why make it worse with the stress of going to a place that’s super fancy? I just don’t get it.

Anyway, I love that Rune is a person that exists in this world. I hate him, but he’s a great character. And Lorelai kind of bashes him to Luke, because he wasn’t thrilled with having to go out with her, but she did the exact same thing. She judged him when she saw him. Granted, he’d already made two rude comments within seconds of seeing her, but then she does the same thing.

When they get to the restaurant, that waiter is literally the worst. He answers one of the four questions Sookie and Jackson ask, and then just leaves when Lorelai orders her never-ending martini. Really? Granted their questions are crazy, but that’s not what you do if you want a tip. Then Sookie makes Lorelai work way too hard to expand the conversation on this date that she doesn’t even want to be on. She takes no hints, and Lorelai is doing all the talking for just about everyone.

Finally they decide to leave, and thank GOD because I was getting annoyed. They go to Luke’s, Rune throws a fit, and then just as Luke is about ask Lorelai out Mrs. Kim shows up and they go get the girls.

And the only things that Lorelai takes away from finding the girls with Mrs. Kim is that Mrs. Kim is scary, and that she’s a hot mom. Nothing about how Rory lied (which, for teenage/Gilmore logic, made some sense) but just that she’s a babe. Great parenting, Lore. Just great.

Episode 13 – Concert Interruptus

The one with the Bangles concert, and Lorelai actually doing something mom-like.

So, see, this is where my frustration with the second episode really comes out. Because how in the HELL do they expect us to believe that the only thing she could wear were terrible cut-off jorts, cowboy boots, and a hideous tie-dye shirt. Okay, actually, the shirt I can believe. BUT HER ENTIRE CLOSET IS FULL. FULL OF THINGS THAT DON’T NEED DRY CLEANING.


I’m done now.

Anyway. I’m going to use the “Get rid of anything you’d be embarrassed to be wearing during a car accident” thing to clean out my closet. It’s the best way of going through clothes.

This episode fuels my Rory-Tristan relationship want, because he LITERALLY cannot keep his eyes off of her. It’s adorable. He just doesn’t know how to handle her because I think she’s the only girl he actually likes. And he has to pretend like he didn’t get caught staring at Rory by flirting with Paris in front of her. So he doesn’t look like he was embarrassed. IT’S SO CUTE.

The whole concert bugs me. First, Max said in an earlier episode, the one where he “just happens” to run into Lorelai in the coffee shop, that the bangles broke up. So is this a reunion tour? Or? And then Lorelai gives Madeline, Louise, and Paris the tickets? She does not. She is not that mature, there is no way that this happened. It’s just not a thing.

Although she does seem to be a different character in this episode. Because she does give them the tickets, and then when Madeline and Louise vanish Lorelai goes to find them like Super Mom. I admire the fact that she finds the building and knocks on every door she can until she finds them, but really it’s entirely out of character. Maybe this whole episode was a fluke.

Episode 14 – That Damn Donna Reed

The one with the chick, the kitten, and the hoop skirt.

This is one of my favorite episodes ever. I love the way that Rory and Lorelai react to Dean saying that the whole Donna Reed thing would be nice, with the whole making dinner and everything. It also opens up the characters of Lorelai and Rory, because while Lorelai steadfastly sticks to believing that the whole thing is probably awful, Rory actually looks into it. And then she changes her mind.

Rory actually goes and does research and then puts together the whole Donna Reed night while house sitting for Babette. And Dean’s reaction to it is adorable. It’s just cute, all right?

Also, there’s the whole Lorelai Luke thing. That they both really ignore. Until Sookie points it out to Lorelai, and then she STILL ignores it. But the painting, and then the chick getting loose in the house. It totally sounds like a booty call. One hundred percent. Completely.

Then, Christopher comes to Stars Hollow and NEITHER LORELAI NOR RORY RECOGNIZE HIS VOICE. How? They talk about how he calls every so often, and Lorelai grew up with him, but she doesn’t know what his voice sounds like? I don’t buy it.

Episode 15 – Christopher Returns

I absolutely love that they show the gossip about Christopher being there travels. I mean, you always hear about things traveling fast in a small town, and here you actually see people calling each other to spread the news and it’s just wonderful.

I never understood why Rory doesn’t introduce Dean as her boyfriend. It’s how they defined their relationship, and then she just…doesn’t tell Chris? I don’t get it.

The disastrous Friday Night Dinner with Chris’s parents kind of lets you see what it must have been like when Lorelai got pregnant. Also, Chris’s parents are awful. They pretend like they’re nice at first, because apparently that’s “manners” or whatever, but they’re really just terrible.

But after is worse. First, Lorelai stood Luke up on their painting “date.” And then when they get back to the house, Chris tries to ask Lorelai to marry him again. I don’t know why Chris thought that this was a good thing to ask, much less a good time. I mean, they both just got back from a dinner where both of their parents talked about how badly things went. It’s not a good time for that. Not to mention the fact that this is the first time that Chris has shown up in…well, in ever.

The reasons that they shouldn’t be together are obvious. Chris isn’t around, doesn’t really worry about calling too often, and then when he does come around he doesn’t really tell the truth about anything. He wasn’t forthcoming about how his business was going, which doesn’t bode well. I would think you’d be honest with the woman you were asking to marry about what your life was really like. If you wanted her to say yes, that is. I don’t know. I just like that there are obstacles, because I’m not sure that I like them together.


As I go binge more, you can find part one of the series here, and part two here.


Okay, that’s it for this round. What are your opinions on these episodes? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Did it bother anyone that in the episode Double Date, Loreli says that she can’t lie to another mom, but in the very next episode when Rory tells her mom that Lane couldn’t go because she told her mom the truth, that she wanted to go to a concert, Loreli and Rory complain about how “stupid” it was for her to lie to her mom!! Like hellllo, why are they acting as if the last episode didn’t happen??

    1. Oh wow, I didn’t even catch that! I think it might be Lorelai’s slightly warped moral compass. She can’t lie to another mother, but she has never had any problem lying to her own mother. Her mother-daughter compass is a little…weird. Then again so is her mother-mother compass. And all her other possible compasses…

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