TV Tuesday Volume 2

TV Tuesday Volume 2

Welcome to the second installment of TV Tuesdays, where we continue the adventures into Stars Hollow and the world of the Gilmores.

I’m pouring myself my 4th cup of coffee, and let’s go.

Episode 5 – Cinnamon’s Wake

The one where Babette’s cat dies, Mr. Medina flirts with Lorelai at the bake sale, there’s a wake, and Rory and Dean (kind of) start their relationship.

This is one of my favorite openings, with Emily making a joke, and Lorelai and Rory just being dumbstruck by it. Finally Emily has a personality trait that isn’t entirely toxic, and shows where Lorelai got some of her personality (even though she would NEVER admit it).

Here we get to see some of the characters that actually inhabit Stars Hollow, more than just a fleeting glimpse as they pass by. I love Babette and Maury, they’re adorably odd, and every time one (or both) of them show up it’s always a good episode.

Then we get to the bake sale. Sookie went way too far with all of the things she made, and then, because he’s already established how unprofessional he is, Max Medina uses this as an opportunity to HIT ON LORELAI IN FRONT OF TEACHERS AND OTHER STUDENTS AND MORE PARENTS AND JUST.

I mean, okay, look, I don’t hate them as a couple, and I don’t mind that they’re together for a while, but for fuck’s sake, is this really what you should do if you’re a teacher? Should you openly and unabashedly flirt with parents at a school function at which you are required to be? Is that something that’s okay? Because I really feel like it’s not (obviously).

Well. *Ahem* Anyway.

There’s another Lorelai issue at the end of this, where she doesn’t tell Rory about Max, and then kind of acts surprised when Rory has a reaction that isn’t wholly positive. Like, should that have been a surprise? Because I feel like that’s a totally normal reaction for a kid to have when she finds out that her mother is dating her teacher when said teacher arrives to pick her mother up. Maybe if Lorelai had mentioned earlier “Hey, by the way, your English teacher is flirting with me and I don’t hate it, this might be a thing. Just take this information and go digest it for a while, I’ll be here when you’re done” there might have been a more favorable reaction (because Rory gets there eventually), but just. She handled this whole thing wrong.

Episode 6 – Rory’s Birthday parties

The one where Rory has two birthday parties and hates one.

Last episode we had an Emily who seemed to be an okay person, and this episode she’s entirely gone. I can’t imagine a universe where someone would throw a party for a kid who just changed schools, invite all the people said kid hasn’t had a chance to get to know or like, and would expect there to be a good outcome.

Why does Emily do these things? I mean, I know she thinks it’s good manners and whatever, but don’t people stop inviting their whole class to their parties in like 2nd grade? Definitely when that “whole class” means inviting more than 20 people. That’s definitely when it ends. Even if you can afford to throw a party like that, you don’t invite that many people. Unless of course you’re Emily Gilmore, then you do whatever the fuck you want because you are queen.

I want a party like the one Lorelai throws Rory though. That seems like so much fun. All of Rory’s parties from Lorelai sound spectacular, really. I’m definitely buying some boas for my next birthday and either wearing them all myself, or making everyone there wear them. Just because of this episode.

Episode 7 – Kiss and Tell

The one where Lorelai invites Dean over for a movie night, and things don’t go as badly as Rory feared.

Okay, first and foremost, I need someone to volunteer to do a full Gilmore Girls-style movie night with me. We’ll have as much junk food as we can buy, order one of everything from the best Chinese place that delivers, and watch like 4 movies in a row. It’ll be a blast, and someone needs to join me.

I really can’t believe Lorelai invites Dean over in the first place. I mean, how can she not see how that would go over with Rory? Did she see Rory being all “OMG thank you mom so much this is the best thing you could have done you’re the best!”? No. She’s not stupid. She’s immature, but not stupid. Then she turns it back around, making it all about her, when she latches on to Rory asking how she would feel if her mother invited a guy she liked over. Like, that wasn’t Rory saying that Lorelai is Emily, she was just trying to get Lorelai to see it from her point of view, and Lorelai (in true Lorelai fashion) acts like a 2 year old about it.

It all ends well though, with Rory and Dean being adorable, and just I like them together. For a while, I don’t think that he’s who she should be with, but I don’t think that he was a terrible first boyfriend.

Episode 8 – Love & War & Snow

The one with the snow.

See, this would have been a better episode for Lorelai and Max to start flirting in. If this is where they really started the flirting thing, I would be much happier. Because when his car breaks down in Stars Hollow, there’s nothing taboo about it. No teachers, no students, no other parents. It’s just a normal meet-cute, and it would have been SO MUCH BETTER (in my opinion, which, of course, is all that matters here).

I don’t really like how Lane is in this episode. Usually I think she’s adorable and a pretty good friend, but not here. I mean, I get that she’s feeling a little lonely since Rory changed schools, and now that Rory’s got Dean that’s just another attention suck, but it’s not like there aren’t other kids at Stars Hollow High that Lane could be friends with. I know they talk about how kind of awful the rest of the kids from that school are, but really there has to be someone that Lane could kind of talk to, if only she’d get down off her high horse and mingle with the commoners. But she refuses, and then makes Rory feel awful for having a boyfriend and getting into a really good school that, surprise surprise, she has to study for more than she used to because it’s harder (and better).


I also get that Rory wasn’t making as much of an effort as she could have, but she’s still trying to figure out how to balance the new school and everything that goes along with it. I mean, she’s still trying to catch up, so she’s doing work that everyone else has already done on top of the stuff they’re doing now. It’s just a lot. Trying to balance all this with Stars Hollow makes me feel more sympathy for Rory than Lane, because Rory just had a whole universe of new stuff dropped on her and Lane hasn’t. And that’s how I feel about that.

Episode 9 – Rory’s Dance

The one with the dance and the ill-timed nap.

Here begins everyone believing that, despite how smart they’re always saying she is, Rory can form no opinions of her own. Like she can excel in school and everything, but she can’t actually think for herself. It’s all just what she read.

Emily assumes that, because Rory says she doesn’t want to go to the dance, the only way that she could have reached that conclusion is from something Lorelai said, not something she decided on her own. Because obviously she can’t do that.

Moving on, I really liked Rory’s takedown of Tristan. He is a pain in the ass, but Chad Michael Murray is the pinnacle of 2000s hot. (He’s still gorgeous, like, have you seen him lately? Jesus.) I just love all the scenes with him in them, because Rory wants to hate him, and she genuinely dislikes him to a point, but she’s just a nice enough person that sometimes her empathy seeps through and those times are my favorite.


There’s not a whole lot I had to talk about with this, other than the fact that Lorelai once again does her crazy immature thing. When Rory and Dean fall asleep at Miss Patty’s, and Lorelai realizes that Rory isn’t home, she naturally freaks out. That I get, because that’s a thing that moms do. If their kid hasn’t come home when they said that they would, that’s definitely more than worrisome. But when she finds out the circumstances, she still freaks and won’t talk to Rory.

It’s like she completely forgets that Rory is Rory, and wouldn’t have slept with Dean at that point anyway. Lorelai just…assumes that Rory is her? Maybe because that was her, and it’s giving her flashbacks, but it takes her way too long to realize that oh, yeah, that’s not Rory, that was me. Even after she does realize it, she still waits UNTIL THE NEXT EPISODE before she makes up with Rory. UGH she frustrates me.

Episode 10 – Forgiveness and Stuff

Then one where Richard has angina and everyone freaks out.

So this episode actually starts with Lorelai being immature. At least it’s a plot point somewhere!

The way that Lorelai talks about her parents makes it seem like she wouldn’t be quite as worried about Richard when he’s in the hospital, but she definitely is worried. It’s kind of cute, actually. She actually can be kind of an adult, as well, like when she gets to the hospital and kind of takes control of the whole situation where Emily can’t.

And EMILY. I know that she’s probably in a little bit of shock and she’s worried about Richard, I get that, I really do. But even in that kind of a state, she has to know that in this situation, insurance information isn’t useless. The nurse that keeps asking for it isn’t asking her to do something useless, because they need that information to be able to do what they need to for Richard. Emily just…I just want her to fill out the forms so that they can do what they need to and she can see him and know what’s going on.

Poor Luke is kind of stranded there, in this place where he hates everything that’s happening. I love him for staying, and it really gives the first real hint about his feelings for Lorelai. Well, then again, so did the time he saw Lorelai with Max with the snow and everything two episodes ago, but this is definitely clearer. I don’t think that he would have stayed for anyone else, much less taken a loss for all the meals that people had ordered when Lorelai got the call. And then he still let Taylor stay AT THE RESTAURANT for his free hot chocolate. He’s 100% in love with Lorelai, and neither one of them will admit it.

Well that was just way too much, and so I’m going to go curl up on the couch and binge more of this.

Just in case you missed it, you can find part one of this series here.

Lets talk about it though! What do you think of the whole Max thing? And the many Rory-Lorelai spats that happened in this round?

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  1. There’s hardly much room left for arguement here. I pretty much agree with everything you said.

    Except for CMM. I do not deny his early milennial gorgeousness, but he was an absolute teenage twit there entire time.

    1. Okay, but, just no. He was MOSTLY a teenage twit, but he gets all kindergartner-in-like occasionally with Rory and when he’s nice? He’s just NICE. Mostly, though, he was an ass, yes, but the timbre of that assishness changes.

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