Book Review – This Savage Song

Book Review – This Savage Song

This Savage Song ReviewThis Savage Song made me have so many FEELINGS.

I love Victoria Schwab so much, all of her books are amazing and I had barely put this one down before I’d forced it on someone.

Let me tell you, this book did not disappoint. I had so much excitement for it (honestly, I would have bought it even if I’d thought it didn’t sound like me because I trust Victoria in all that she does) (also, I’m just going to keep calling her by her first name because in my head we’re best friends and it’s totally okay), and I devoured it. I’m talking finished-in-less-than-24-hours devoured.

I instantly loved Kate because she was just introduced as this wonderfully determined girl. I don’t know anyone who would be so sure of what they wanted that they would resort to burning down a chapel to get it. And those metallic/metal nails? GIMME. Not to mention her sassiness and her strength, which was shown so realistically. Like, I think pretty much any person who wants to be seen as strong at her age mostly puts up a front, and Kate definitely does for a while.

She works so hard to be seen the way that she wants to be seen, it’s amazing. She wants to live up to what she thinks her dad, who is basically a crime-boss ruling one half of their city, wants and feels like she needs to be as intimidating and strong as he is. She wanted to go home, to be with her dad, and it’s totally understandable because her mom is gone. So she made that happen in a way that would have made her dad proud.

Then there’s August, who is so…just…I wanted to hug him and stay far away from him at the same time. He just seemed like he needed a hug, but also I think if I got too close I would say things I shouldn’t, or, like, I’d want to hear him play but I wouldn’t want to know if he’d be able to take my soul or not (which is what he does because he’s a monster. He takes people’s souls with MUSIC guys. How awesome is that?). So that might not be the best idea.

Also, I want to meet his sister, because Ilsa sounds like she’d be awesome to know. Plus, with their dad being the leader of the other half of the city, this instantly puts August up against Kate. I have no idea who would really win in that fight. I mean, yeah, okay, so he can take souls, but I honestly think that Kate could take him.

The plot, as a whole, only revealed itself during the last half or so. The fact that this is so character driven doesn’t bother me at all; I honestly think that Victoria could write about her most recent trip to the grocery store and it would be beautiful and entertaining and would keep me enthralled. Then, when the plot does come into play, it does it with so much FORCE. It just takes you from there, and you can’t stop reading, even if you want to. Or if you’re at a lakehouse full of people who all want to play games/be social like normal people.

You bet I sat on the couch, curled up, ignoring everyone. Even the dogs. And they don’t make it easy.

All in All

I loved it. The characters really come alive, and when things start getting rough you are on the edge of your seat, clutching the book, hoping that nothing too terrible happens to these beautiful monsters. Or, at least, that’s what I did. And, like I said, I’d barely finished the last line before I went up to the closest person and said “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW AND LOVE IT.” I need someone to fangirl over this book with, you have no idea.

So lets talk!

Have you read this? What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Book Review – This Savage Song

  1. I’m STILL yet to read any of her books! I know, I’m probably the last YA reader on Earth who hasn’t, but I’ve never felt like they’d be my thing… Until now. Holy shit, this sounds phenomenal. I love character driven books and I can’t wait to buy a copy now. Brilliant review, absolutely loved it! <3

  2. *RAISES HAND* MEEEEEE I LOVE THIS BOOK! I ADORE IT’S VERY SOCKS OFF. I COULD CRY I LOVE IT SO. Basically August is the most precious little thing to ever eat souls and be dark and evil and I love him. I COULD SOB I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. <3 And I loved Kate too, she was so so complex and epic and zomg. Both of them. Together. *squishes* This book was basically everything. :')

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. *SQUEES* I am not remotely freaking out that you were here. Nope. Not at all. (okay a little)

      I know right?? I just wanted to hug August the whole time because just. He’s so wonderful and confused and I just wanted him to be HAPPY. And Kate with her pretending to be strong always but not actually being it always. I wanted to hug her too, but I thought that, you know, probably not a good idea. She does have that switchblade lighter thing that was awesome. Might not end well for me…

      I basically stalk your blog. I love it. It’s wonderful and so are you and just. You’re great. Thank you for commenting!!

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