Big Magic Review

Big Magic Review

Big MagicSo I’ve had Big Magic on my shelves for a good long time and haven’t read it until now. I almost hate that I waited. This book was actually wonderful, and not as self-helpy as I expected; rather it was more conversational, kind of like talking to a friend about creativity and where it comes from.

Elizabeth Gilbert had some great ideas for where that creativity comes from. I’m definitely taking her idea that ideas are like little soot sprites that come to you when you’re ready for them.

This is a soot sprite. Aren’t they adorable?

And then if you aren’t really ready for the idea, it might stick around for a little bit, and if you don’t act on it then it can just go and find someone else who will give it the attention that it needs. There’s this really cool story in Gilbert’s book about something she was working on and had to set aside for various reasons and couldn’t go back to; then when she meets another author later they find out that the other author was working on a story that was almost exactly the project that Gilbert had to set aside.

All in All

There’s so much good stuff in this book, you guys. I’m just gonna nurture my little idea sprites and hope they don’t run away. They’re just so cute and I want to cuddle them constantly. There were points in the book where I just kind of…didn’t put any stock in some of her things, but for the most part there were good ideas. Gilbert basically preaches logic: don’t quit your day job, look for ideas/creativity wherever you go, and finish what you start.


So what do you think? Honestly, I’d never read anything by Elizabeth Gilbert, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked this. Have you read anything of hers? Have you read this one?

2 thoughts on “Big Magic Review

  1. I actually checked this one out and renewed it a couple of times. I sort of started it but didn’t’ finish. I read Eat, Pray, Love and thought it was pretty interesting. I think I thought some other stuff about it, too, but I can’t remember. I do like positive books that encourage creativity, so maybe I should revisit this one!

    1. It really was good. It was just like talking with someone about ideas and stuff. I love things that are conversational like that. I can see the not finishing it, though. There were a couple of parts where I was like “Okay, I could put this down now and just go do something else and I don’t think I’d lose anything.”

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