TV Tuesday Volume 1

TV Tuesday Volume 1

So to begin the blog, and TV Tuesdays, I would like to introduce the first series: Gilmore Girls Rewatch.
With the new mini-movies coming out (hopefully later this year, if any of the hints are right!) I wanted to watch the series again and have some kind of a record of what I thought and how I felt about the show on an episode-by-episode basis.
There’s no way that I made this series as an excuse to watch Gilmore Girls again.
Definitely not.
So grab a monster cup of coffee and let’s dive right in.

Episode 1 – Pilot

The one where it starts, Rory gets into Chilton, and we find out about all the things.
Awh, they all look so young! I love watching the first episode, because all the fashions are terrible (Lorelai’s hat at the beginning? Ew.), and knowing that you’re not supposed to know the characters makes you look at them like you actually don’t know them. And they charm you instantly just like they always do.
Michele is great, I love his French-ness and how much he generally hates the world. Lorelai actually acts like a grown-up in this one, mostly, and Rory is just adorable. And Sookie! She always strikes me as a little over the top in the beginning. Like, there’s no way she should be in a kitchen, she has no idea what is going on around her, and really it seems like she doesn’t know what she’s doing either. I think she’s the only one that had to really grow on me.
It’s fun seeing the temporary sets, too, before they go to the real ones. It almost feels like you’re in an alternate reality Stars Hollow.
The dinner scene, though, really kind of throws me. I never remembered Richard being so openly hostile towards Lorelai – it’s always just Emily. But when he is talking about how smart Rory is and says that she had to have gotten that from Chris is just…more mean than I remember Richard being.

Episode 2 – The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton

The one where Lorelai has no clothes and Rory starts Chilton.
This is one of my favorite episodes because it gives the world one of the best characters: Paris. I’m so glad that she didn’t get Rory, because they would have never written a Paris character, and the world would be a little bit worse.
It’s also one of my least favorite because, even in the first episode we can tell that Lorelai has a quite impressive wardrobe, and, like, she wears jeans and stuff, and everyone knows you don’t dry clean jeans, and yet when she has to take Rory to school SHE ONLY HAS CUTOFFS AND A TYE-DYE SHIRT???
This part makes me mad, guys, because honestly even when she’s getting ready YOU CAN SEE THE CLOSET FULL OF CLOTHING BEHIND HER, and yet she has to wear the worst thing. And why does she even OWN cowboy boots? Did she buy them as a joke? Or, worse, did she buy them as not a joke? Were all her shoes at the dry cleaners too? Just, how do all of her clothes disappear for just this episode?
Okay I’m done. Well, at least with that part. Because this episode brings out another gaping hole – WHERE IS LANE’S FATHER? It’s never explained and it just doesn’t make sense. Some episodes, Lane only mentions her mother, and others (most of them, actually, I think) she mentions her parentS. Plural. Meaning there’s a dad in that house somewhere. Maybe he got trapped under some furniture, and Mrs. Kim doesn’t want to let him out for some reason.
Can you see that? Mrs. Kim bringing him a plate of rice cakes, or rock-hard sprouted wheat muffins and a cup of tea while he’s pinned under two tables and a dresser. I think this is my new favorite theory and I’m going to stick to it.
But seriously, where is he?

Episode 3 – Kill Me Now

The one where Rory enjoys hanging out with her grandfather and Lorelai can’t handle it.
This is one of my favorite episodes because it really brings out things that are going to be issues throughout the series. Let’s start with Lorelai, shall we?
Just in general, she’s got an issue where she reverts to a 4 year old when she doesn’t get her way. And she does that, both when Emily sets up the golf outing (which is also a thing, but we’ll get there in a minute), and when Rory doesn’t hate it. She basically throws a giant fit because Rory enjoyed spending time with her grandfather.
I’ll say that again: SHE THROWS A FIT BECAUSE RORY LIKES HER GRANDPA. Like what? And on top of that, she makes Rory feel so bad that she has to find a way to bash the club, that she didn’t really actually dislike.
The worst part of this is that this is a thing that gets worse as the series goes on. Every time I watch the series (which, I’ll be honest, has been more than a few times. It’s just good background noise that I get sucked into. It’s fine.) Lorelai just becomes more and more unlikeable, and more and more immature. Maybe they did that on purpose, to kind of comment on what it’s like when 16 year olds have kids or something, but I really don’t think so. Lorelai just didn’t mature past age 6 and she’s not entirely great at pretending she did.
And there’s my Lorelai rant. So. That was fun, huh?
(am I the only one who feels this way about Lorelai, or am I making too much of this?)

Episode 4 – The Deer Hunters

The one where Rory misses the test, gets hit by a deer, and both Lorelai’s throw a fit.
The best part of this episode is Rory’s excitement about school supplies. That’s totally me even without being in school. But I would have totally gotten the purple legal pads because those are amazing.
Anyway. I love that Rory actually gets to showcase her personality in this one, with the fit throwing. Before this, I mean, she’s smart and you kind of get that she’s snarky like Lorelai, but you don’t really see more than glimpses of it. Until now.
I love the telling off of everyone in the class when she comes into the test late, and then I really like Lorelai’s reaction in the headmaster’s office. The rants are always so well written and entertaining, they’re just really great. If every episode was just them ranting about things I’d be happy.
And now the Max problem begins. Everyone knows that teachers shouldn’t date the parents of their students, right? Or is it just the whole teachers dating students thing that’s known to be wrong?
I’m pretty sure that teachers+parents=DO NOT.
Yet, here’s Mr. Medina, who flirts with Lorelai WHILE LEAVING A MESSAGE FOR RORY. WHAT. Why does he do that? Does he have zero wish to keep teaching? I can’t imagine that he would believe that it’s okay to do that at Chilton. We already know that there’s an insane amount of rules for the students at that school, why wouldn’t that be the same for the teachers?
So the things that I took away from this episode:
-Mr. Medina doesn’t want to teach
-Rory is wonderful
-I want Lorelai’s entire business wardrobe, because that (faux?) purple leather skirt? <33
Alright, I’m calling it. I had more to say than I thought (I was aiming for doing 5 episodes). I’ve rambled more than was necessary, so now it’s your turn.
What are your thoughts on these episodes (or your thoughts on my thoughts)? Let me know!!

5 thoughts on “TV Tuesday Volume 1

  1. I am glad you mentioned Lane’s dad, or lack of said. I have always wondered about him. The do often refer to her “parents”. I just love Lane! How did she get so hipster/cool in that house?

  2. I’m currently re-bingeing this show (watching isn’t quite the right word) because I really want to have enriching fresh when the new minis come out. I couldn’t agree with you more about Paris. Easily one of the best characters. And OMG yes, where is Mr. Kim? Lol I love your theory! I wonder how many people could be lost under all that furniture!

    1. That’s exactly why I started watching it again! I can’t WAIT until the new ones come out, because just it’ll be so great. Can’t you imagine just, like, with every wedding in the Kim house, the furniture claims another relative. They all just join Mr. Kim in, like, the basement or something where they’re all trapped forever.

  3. Loved this! Can’t wait to keep reading along as I rewatch the rest of the series!!
    I totally agree with almost everything you said, I just believe that Loreli acted like a brat when Rory enjoyed hanging out with her grandfather because Loreli was jealous. She and her dad never really got along, and regardless of who’s fault that was, she’s sad that Rory is getting to have fun with her grandpa, who was wasn’t really nice to Loreli who was his actual daughter. She totally acted childish, I agree with you, I just feel kind of bad for her, ya know?

    1. I feel bad for her on some level, I’m sure. Just, every time I watch it, I feel less and less sorry/bad for Lorelai. I mean, I get that she didn’t know how to connect with her parents as a kid, a lot of kids get that, but when you grow up it’s easier to see where they were coming from. She just stays in the “My parents don’t understand me they’re so mean” mindset she had when she was a teen, and basically just kind of refuses to make attempts. I want her to have a relationship with them, and you can tell that they want a relationship with her, but she just blocks every attempt.

      I almost want to rewatch it again before the new ones, but I’m not sure that I’ve got the stamina for that. It’s so tempting though!!

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